GAF Votes: Metal Gear Solid series rankings (Voting ends Feb. 20)

1. MGS1; Very fun action game with a great story.
2. MGS3; Amazing location
3. MGS4; Very tight streamlined gameplay and controls. Story went to crap, but that's to be expected with five or six games to wrap up.
1. MGS1 - You cant beat the original. It had such a unique feel and atmosphere, great gameplay for its time, and memorable boss fights and characters.
2. MGS3 - Again, great atmosphere, great gameplay, great characters and a story that kept me interested from beginning to end and then kicked me in the balls.
3. MGSPW - Loved the gameplay changes and the portable mission structure. Lots of unlockables and stuff to do. Co-op is a blast.
4. MGS4 - Loved Act 1, 2, 4. Act 3 and 5 were largely forgettable except for their endings. And the overall ending drug on much longer than it should have.
5. MGS2 - I really felt like the series started to drift here. It pulled so much weird shit and presented it in all in such a stupid way. A lot of long, boring cutscenes broken up by short bursts of gameplay.
6. MGSPO - I loved it when I played it but, thinking back, I dont remember much about this game at all.
1) MGS 1
2) MGS 3

I don't really have a third. I'd put Babel up there but tis not allowed. 2 and 4 were both pretty big disappointments to me. Damn, 2 makes me so angry with that horrible bait and switch.
1. MGS2
2. MGS1
3. MGS4

*Only because my old ps2 died before I properly got into MGS3, I am awaiting the HD collection to arrive (tomorrow via courier) then I will get into it. It would be unfair for me to judge which I haven't had the good fortune to play.
1. MGS3; Most interesting characters, very rich and interesting gameplay, original setting.
2. MGS1; Quite the hit in its time, neatly packaged title.
3. MGS2; Well, the graphics were outstanding, interaction with the environment too and, at least the Tanker part, was very moody and fun to play through.

Never played Peace Walker nor any portable Metal Gear, though.
1. MGS3 - I've already written about it in greater detail, but if I could sum it up, MGS3 is the rare once-in-a-lifetime game where it has some pretty big problems, but the high points are so unbelievably high that they'll never cross your mind by the game's conclusion.

2. MGS1 - Obviously, every game released since has found a way to improve upon its core mechanics, but even with that in mind, MGS1 is a remarkably well made game. Incredible graphics and production values for its time, terrific pacing, great boss battles and it still has time to feature the best localization and voice acting that the series has ever seen.

3. MGS2 - As I also wrote about, MGS2 is a game that will never happen again. It's a game that fiercely divided fans and alienated would-be newcomers in a cacophony of defeated expectations, frequent cutscenes and more half-baked philosophical references than the entire Matrix franchise combined. It's also a really fun game.
1. MGS3 ( probably one of my favorite games ever, play it at least once a year, epic journey, gameplay, a fuck-ton of easter-eggs, epic Bosses, story and best ending ever, song included)
2. MGS 1
3. MGS 2

4. MGS 4


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MGS2; Most amount of compelling game content in Substance. Thoroughly explored mechanics through VR missions. One of my favorite games.
MGS1; Well designed game with probably the best cast and plot twist in the series. This and Vagrant Story changed my mind about 3D games on PS1.
MGS3; Not really a fan of free camera metal gear, but the neat setpieces and level design more than make up for it. I'd like to play the original camera version one day to judge for myself if it was really as bad as people made it out to be.

MGS4; Metal Gear falling victim to modern game design trends to me. Not a fan. MGO2 owned my free time for like a year and a half after release though.
MGSPW; Probably the game with the most content in the series, and one you'll spend the longest amount of time with the first time through. Just that without difficulty levels the content isn't really compelling enough to revisit a 2nd time around. That combined with a throwaway storyline makes this the one mainline Kojima directed entry I don't think anyone will care about in the future.
MGSPO; Barely a Metal Gear game.
1. MGS 2 - Just the way the story weaves from Snake to Raiden to the mindwarping end makes it the most memorable for me.
2. MGS - An absolute classic...that's unfortunately unplayable by today's standards. Still, the feeling of playing this game has never escaped me. I've never felt since then that I've play a game that could forever sculpt how the future of gaming will become.
3. MGS:pW - I found it unplayable on PSP, but on the 360/PS3, it's a great game to play through. Easily digestable while providing a good story.

All in all, however, MGS has been probably one of the most puzzling and, dare I say, overrated gaming series in the past 15 years.
1. MGS3; the gameplay, survival and the story were just amazing.
2. MGS4; I enjoyed it so much, the culmination of a fantastic story.
3. MGS1; a fantastic achievement for it's time in all areas of production.

To be honest my votes for 2/3/4 are arbitrary, I couldn't figure out which one I liked more (still love all 3 of em)

But the original MGS is by far the best in the series

Oh and honestly I didn't intend for it to actually go 1 2 3 4, I actually put some thought into it
1. MGS2: Love everything about this game, the visual style, story and gameplay. To me there is nothing else quite like it. All the twists and turns and mind effing, I really hope Kojima takes the series into this direction again.

2. MGS4: Excellent gameplay and art direction, the character designs in particular were amazing. Really enjoyed the story and how it went into all sorts of directions, not just tying lose ends but also introducing new angles and themes (the PMC theme was very cool I thought). The music in this really adds to the whole experience, especially the Old Snake theme and that middle eastern sounding one (with the lady singing). Old Snake and Raiden are Amazing characters, very ballsy takes on leads for sure.

3. MGS1: The one that started it all, still holds up to this day I think. Dat ending theme.