GAF, what is the reaction at Sony Corp. today?

I bought stock in Sony when it was an all time low. Looking at the jump in price today I'm guessing we are both happy with the reveal today.


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They might actually be a little concerned they might not deliver on the multimedia side now.
I'm sure they had absolutely no idea about the specs of the new Xbox, and I'm sure they are delighted that Call of Duty and Fifa have DLC arrangements with Microsoft, because nobody buys those anyway.
I imagine they are looking at the reaction from gamers and adjusting their plans accordingly. I'm sure they are trying to prepare an E3 presentation that emphasizes the games. The problem is they still have to reveal a box and services and the all important price.


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Not a clue, and despite the negative reaction here on GAF: The XBONE is probably STILL going to sell like crazy despite all our complaints. Some folks may think it's a joke but Sony is going to have to seriously consider how they're going to compete.