GAF Wii Homebrew thread: Homebrew, emulators, USB disc installs! Easy tutorial!

Thread Necro? Sorry.

So my GoogleFu skills are coming up short. I am looking for a modern tutorial on setting up an individual game for RetroArch forwarding. All I was able to find was this obscure youtube video showing(?) that it can be done.

I know injecting VC game wads is a thing but I was interested in just adding a few simple MSX games to the channels list. With no VC to inject, I am left with RetroArch which looks quite awful to the layman. (RGUI doesn't bother me but your average joe will appreciate a clickable channel).
I am setting up a Wii soon with Homebrew, I did some reading about the subject and it seems that there can be issues with some external drives. I did find a compatibility list but it is quite old.

Can someone suggest me a fully compatible HDD (500gb-1tb) that I can purchase and is generally available right now?

Thank you!
So I'm having a weird situation with WiiFlow. I'm trying to dump my copy of Project Zero 2 Wii Edition and accidently changed the dumping location from my USB drive to SD, now it won't let me change it back to USB for some reason, even if it still reads the dumps from that same drive perfectly fine. And dumping it to an 8GB SD card that still has 5GB of free storage gets me an error saying there's not enough free space on the device, only 2000 some blocks, which isn't correct. I've tried looking it, but all I get is how to play installed games from the drive, not putting them on it.

Have to ask a question: how easy is it to transfer my rips from one storage device to another? I'm wanting to upgrade my storage device to higher capacity.
I think you can just copy and paste them onto another drive and it should work. I've done so at least before.
Now that Nintendo has announced that they're closing the Wii store, I've decided to check my Wii and all purchases. But I'm curious, is there actually a way that I can use those games that I purchased on my Wii on the PC without going through homebrew, or do I have to install something that decrypts the files? I would love to be able to replay Lost Winds and play the sequel in Dolphin. I've tried searching, but most links on GBATemp seem dead.