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Gafcast Episode 5: 9-12-2006 Hey! We're back!


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Yeah we had some issues, but we're back. We got hyoushi to do our sound and we're down a man, but somehow we picked ourselves back up and are here to bring you a new episode of The New Adventures of the Gafcast. Actually, maybe we should change it to The New New Adventures of the Gafcast.

This week's topics are:

Whatcha playin: Tingle, Rule of rose, and yeah, more chromehounds.

News topics include:

Iga on the wii
360 Core pack in Japan
Paper mario moved to Wii
Assassins creed on 360

For the rest of the show we talk about the recent sony announcement and the latest NeoGaf article about entitlements.

Also, look out for the musical stylings of sp0rsk vs Kobunheat.

The question for the week is: How have recent announcements changed your November plans? Shut up Amirox, we know you aren't buying a PS3 or a 360 no matter what you say.

P.S. If you want to include your wii price predictions, post it in the Gafcast thread. We might put your name on the air if you get it right!

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Good to have this. Usually I can't listen to anything other than 1UpYours, seeing as most podcasts sound horribly unprofessional and cheep. But I like the Gafcast. I can listen to it without cringing.


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DCharlie, can you explain your accent to me?

Not taking the piss, every time you speak i hear a different accent.


David Coyles: From the sound of him, originates from some foriegn country that is not America; therefore untrustworthy. Also lives in Japan. Was one of the few people who actually bought a PSX, thereby giving him free reign for the rest of his life to 1) assert without question his Sony fanboyism and 2) bash Sony.

Shit man, you really owned yourself :lol

BTW, who are all the participants? i mean, their nicks on the forum:

Dan Dormer:
Chris Kohler:
Justin Epperson:
David Coyles:
"How have recent announcements changed your November plans?"

I wasn't going to get a PS3 at launch due to prices, but I was hoping to go to the big launch event and cover it for a website... and just to be there, see what its like.
Question of the Week said:
How have recent announcements changed your November plans?

I knew i wasn't going to pick up a PS3 at launch, however I do intend to pick up one down the line for MGS and the inevitable SMT games. the shorter shipment as well as the apparently strong leaning toward the 600$ model strike me as indicators that Sony will have a tough time having any model stocked for the first 6-8 months. I'm also betting that during that time the 500$ model may see a decline in that 20%. So with slower production and less units moved, plus a late Euro launch, the price will most-likely not see a drop soon enough for MGS4. melty am cry. Such a strong leaning toward the more expensive model is all the more disconcerting for someone like myself (hint: not paying 400$ for a console)

also, if i have some vacation time left, I may take launch day off and grab a unit for ebay. not something to condone, but flipping it for more than a months rent profit is too good to pass up.


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Unbelievable! Great! Fantastic! Actually there _is_ no matching word!

I demand Gafcast 6 right now!


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Kohler's songs ****ing own. They just do.

Mr Bump Man is just...wow. I am cracking up.



listening to it now. once again, "real GAF heroes" does not disappoint. great job kobun.


how have recent announcements changed your plans?

well, i was pretty much set on buying a PS3 at launch, probably just to satisfy my "must have-early adopter" tendencies. but after hearing about how many units that sony is allocating for the US, i've decided to wait... that is, unless i can get in a pre-order that would guarantee ownership on launch day. how long would i wait for a ps3? probably until sony has a decent replenishment schedule and i could walk into a store and come out with one.

i'd be willing to camp, but after experiencing the mess that was the 360 launch, i don't want to have to go through that all over again. it was just way too stressful and a pain in the ass. i don't expect the PS3 launch to be any different. and considering how big the playstation brand is, i expect there to be a few fights, shootings, and muggings that cold and dreary night.


Wow, there was a lot of "Europe is Sonyland" in this cast. Let me put it this way... If europe is sonyland (like every market is, look at the ps2 numbers), then it is so because Sony did a lot of things right. Introducing great hardware at a good price, with good features and software for everyone.

Not many europeans or americans will buy a much more expensive console solely because of the brand name. Not solely on promises Sony gave them with the PS2. Every costumer will buy his console on facts. Price they are willing to pay and software are factors much bigger than brandname.

Sony hasn't won any country by default... They certainly will do very very well in Japan, since there is no alternative to the PS3 as there is no alternative to the Wii, comes down to taste if you can't afford both in the end.
Being from Europe (If you wanna count the UK in it, whatup Euro?), I can agree that, although it's very Sony-land here right now, there's no reason to assume that it'll be that way in 2-3 years. The kind of games that got Sony to pull the large audience it got here were games like Singstar and Eyetoy, which are exactly the kind of experiences that Wii will provide, and now 360 can move in to as well. XBox and Gamecube both kinda failed here, and although Sony had a large part to play in it, it was a lot of them ****ing up rather than brilliant moves by Sony. The 360 and DS both have a large presence in stores here now, their games are doing very well in the charts, and it really wouldn't surprise me if, at the very least, 360 and Wii both do a hell of a lot better than their last gen equivalents.

Really enjoyed the show by the way. I hope you never run out of True GAF Heroes material.


Damn, I hadn't listened to this since it was unofficial.
And it's gotten really good and organised.
Definitely listening to this every time now.

(But get someone who talks about PC gaming in there, even if it's a tiny minority on GAF :p.)

How have recent announcements changed your November plans?
Not at all :)
I wasn't planning on buying a Wii or PS3 then.
And I'm still planning on buying a few great PC games that are due out around that time and maybe 1 or 2 360 games.


The recent announcement made my November plans the March plans.

But it also made it totally clear that I will get Wii & Zelda at launch as well as I will get Gears of War on November 17th(I was thinking about delaying it until December so I could get over the PS3 launch games first but Sony 'freed' me from that problem).


Great show, glad to have it back.

how have recent announcements changed your plans?

They really haven't. I hadn't really planned on picking one up in November mainly because the cost is prohibative. I'm going to eventually buy a PS3, I think most people who like playing games in general, are going to get one. The main question for me is "When?" I honestly can't see myself picking one up before next summer rolls around unless some amazing killer app drops that I simply MUST own.
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