Galak-Z dev: The PS4 controller (& Touchpad) will work on PC natively via USB

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The PlayStation 4′s Dualshock 4 Will (Reportedly) Work on Computers
Published on September 4, 2013, by Austin Griffith

According to Redditor dzle, the developers of Galak-Z confirmed last weekend at PAX Prime in Seattle that all PlayStation 4 controllers will work on computers simply by plugging them in via the micro-usb connector without any finagling. It is also reported that the touchpad will also be able to be mapped like the touchpad on your everyday laptop. If this all comes to be true, the PlayStation 4 may just become the next generation controller you have to have for PC gaming.

According to the Redditor, “Galak-Z currently is not stable on the PS4. Thus they had PCs with DS4s [Dualshock 4's] on the show floor running the game. I asked if this implied the PS4 controller works on PC, which he said ‘yes it works as a regular USB controller’.” Also implying that the PlayStation 4′s Dualshock 4 will work as a simple plug-and-play controller, possibly even with bluetooth (if we’re lucky.)

As it stands, most gamers prefer the Xbox 360 controller for the most comfortable computer gaming – we’ll have to see how that opinion fares come November 22nd when both competitors consoles go head to head.

We’ve reached out to Galak-Z and Sony to confirm this and will update should we hear back.
From Reddit:
Not sure if news, but was confirmed to me by a Galak-Z dev on the show floor at PAX. The PS4 controller will work on PC natively via USB. It was not confirmed if it works via bluetooth, and the laptop it was running on had Windows 7. It was also not confirmed that the touchpad worked natively.
If the the touchpad could mapped to mouse movement on PC, this would be the ultimate gaming PC controller.

EDIT: Some clarification on how this was asked; Per this same dev, Galak-Z currently is not stable on the PS4. Thus they had PCs with DS4s on the show floor running the game. I asked if this implied the PS4 controller works on PC, which he said 'yes it works as a regular USB controller'.

EDIT2: As other people have said, Transistor as well was running on PC using wired PS4 controllers.

EDIT3: Halon50 posted further verification and a video here. Looks very similar to the leaked Dev DS4 from before the PS4 reveal.
I wonder if the controller will work as an Xinput controller or will it be Directinput only.


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Hell yes if true. If so I will be buying one of these for PC instead of a new Xbone pad.

I'm starting to see lots of PC games shown with PS4 pad prompts.
Oh lord please be true. It would be awesome to have a second option that has a touchpad to deal with random steam Popup problems when launching some games.


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Incredible news. I guess it's XInput then.
you mean Direct Input, not MS's proprietary Xinput.

I refuse to believe.

It's literally too good to be true.

They have to fuck it up somehow.
Most newer games only have an option for Xinput (basically how the PC reads the inputs), so someone would have to create an Xinput emulator (which already exists, but somewhat janky).
This is all assuming it just uses DirectInput (the default, basic input that will work without any extra drivers).
That would be excellent for HTPCs. I just wonder if it will work with PC games natively or something sinilar to the motion joy drivers will have to be used.

Either way, awesome news if true.
This is awesome, but do any plug and play USB controllers work on Steam? Or does it have to be the 360 controller? If it worked on Steam, that would be incredible.


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The touchpad too?!?![IMG][/QUOTE]
That's the big thing for me. Even though right now I'm perfectly happy using the Xbox controller, if I can have some added functionality with the touchpad if I buy a PS4 controller then all the better.


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If this is true I might end up buying one before I ever consider owning the actual console

I'd love to be able to use Playstation controller layout as my PC pad over 360, but motionjoy is such a crapshoot.
And a video of the controller properties screen
Button list
  1. Square
  2. Cross
  3. Circle
  4. Triangle
  5. L1
  6. R1
  7. L2
  8. R2
  9. Start?
  10. Share? (These 2 buttons aren't labelled on this controller, but button 9 is to the left of the touchpad, and button 10 is to the right)
  11. L3
  12. R3
  13. Playstation
  14. Touchpad
courtesy of reddit.
Additional "verification" was in the comment section of the Reddit post:
[–]Halon50 161 points 23 hours ago*
Hmm. Brb gonna try this (DS4 controller into a PC).
EDIT: Yeah it works! For devs or enthusiasts who are interested in this stuff, it shows up on Win7 as a standard "Wireless Controller". The "Test Controller" properties shows 14 buttons and 3 axes of rotation. Here's a screenshot with the R2 and L2 buttons held halfway down so you can see them align with the "X-Rotation" and "Y-Rotation" bars.
The left stick position is in the box. The right stick is Z-axis and Z-rotation. I guess it's just like the XB360 controller in these respects. I can't seem to activate button 13, but button 14 is active when I click the touchpad down.
EDIT 2: Button 13 is the Playstation button.
EDIT 11: Button list
Share? (These 2 buttons aren't labelled on this controller, but button 9 is to the left of the touchpad, and button 10 is to the right)
"Point of View Hat" has 8 settings for the Directional Buttons.
I'm gonna go set up controller profiles on Steam so I can use it when I get one in 2.5 months!
EDIT: Meh.
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In the video he provided (see the "Meh" edit) the controller is poorly illuminated due to the screen, but it has the same contour and stick placement of the DS4. Still find it weird that he just happened to have access to a DS4 and stopped by the thread. Maybe super secret marketing? But even that would make zero sense, since Sony would get so much more good publicity by announcing it themselves.

Edit: Would any devs on Gaf be kind enough to triple check if this works?


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I honestly had no idea that XInput was proprietary. I figured that it must be free to use since most modern controllers support it. I guess I'll hold on to X360ce for a while longer then!
Well it was developed by MS, even though it provides zero benefits over DirectInput. I don't know if they charge to use it, but a few Logitech controllers work with it.