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Game developer New Year’s cards: Shin Megami Tensei V and Project Re Fantasy development ongoing, Danganronpa 10th anniversary plans teased, more


Nov 21, 2014

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu features New Year’s cards from 54 companies, which provide various interesting tidbits of information.
  • Idea Factory and Compile Heart: “Azur Lane: Crosswave sold well thanks to you. Thank you very much! This year will be a year to keep your eyes on Nep, so look forward to it!”
  • Otomate: “We will continue to proactively release Switch titles.”
  • Atlus: “We’re currently hard at work developing Shin Megami Tensei V and Project Re Fantasy.”
  • GungHo Online Entertainment: “We would like to properly get Ninjala out the door.”
  • Koei Tecmo: “We’re preparing to announce new title(s) we’ve been holding onto, so please look forward to it (them).”
  • CyberConnect2: “Fuga: Melodies of Steel is in development for release in early 2020.”
  • Spike Chunsoft: “Various plans are underway for Danganronpa‘s 10th anniversary.”
  • D3 Publisher: “Starting with Gleamlight, we will take on surprising genres that make you think, ‘This is from D3?!'”
  • Too Kyo Games: “In cooperation with Spike Chunsoft, we want to create an atmosphere akin to a school reunion with fans for the 10th anniversary of Danganronpa.”
  • Nippon Ichi Software: “Sequel preparations are underway. We’re hoping to prepare an original lineup for 2021 and onward that is uniquely Nippon Ichi Software.”
  • 8-4: “In 2019, we localized Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and SaGa: Scarlet Grace for release overseas.”
  • FuRyu: “We have unannounced original title(s).”
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment: “We’re planning Back 4 Blood for consoles.”


Dec 20, 2018
Please valve or epic money hat atlus’ games to be released on PC. They are basically the last big third party dev that the PC is missing. Wonder why atlus never want to bring their games on PC. SMT series literally play so much better on PC due to a more favorable UI to manage monster fusion lists and a far more convenient UI to manage social links with NPCs. Always a pain to deal with this on consoles. Perfect game for mod support too due to its special designs for demons and nude mods or other sexual costume mods for their Waifu for persona. Can’t wait for sexy mod for demon Alice!
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Aug 28, 2009
Hope we see some gameplay trailer of Project Re Fantasy next year. Also Fuga: Melodies of Steel looks very nice so i'm keeping an eye on it.


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Mar 22, 2017
Super hyped for both SMTV and Project Re Fantasy, but please Atlus give some god damn gameplay footage already.