Game Informer April Cover: Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third will deliver "fantastic surprises", Volition has promised.

The over-the-top open world gangster game, which launches "around Christmas", "looks phenomenal" Volition studio manager Eric Barker told Eurogamer today.

But Baker offered a cagey response when asked whether Saints Row: The Third uses the latest iteration of the Geo-Mod engine – the tech powering Red Faction: Armageddon's impressive destruction physics.

"I can't talk too much about Saints just yet," he teased. "You've got some fantastic surprises ahead. The game looks fantastic. It's wonderful. Everybody's really excited about it."
"What's very lucky for Volition is it's all been well planned," he said. "Armageddon releases in late May. Saints Row 3 is coming out at the end of this year. inSANE is 2013. It's staggered."

This, Baker explained, enables Volition developers to jump from project to project in a fluid fashion. Indeed when third-person destruction game Red Faction: Armageddon launches at the end of May (beginning of June in the UK), some of the developers will join the Saints Row team.

"Because of that it allows some of Armageddon's great team members to roll onto Saints," Baker said. "Then you've still got more than another year before inSANE is shown. So, plenty of time for people to roll onto the next project.
Staggering games like that sounds to me like a good idea, then you don't have to layoff people when they're no longer needed. You just put them onto the next project.
No, SR2 was amazing amounts of fun. It had all the fun that GTA4 didn't.

PS. Volition might be using the tech used for the new Red Faction? Shiiiit, even if they used the tech from RF:G I'd be happy. Fully (or even partially) destructible environment with a scope like Saints Row would be awesome.
Pai Pai Master said:
I'm not even that big on Saint's Row but it's been pretty clear for some time that the GAF Concensus is the exact opposite.
Not to mention the 81 average review score. Which itself was actually weighed down by reviews which couldn't look past direct comparisons to GTA IV or sought to elevate gaming as an art form by penalizing SR2.


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I'm not even going to quote him.

You can't say something so ridiculous without even the slightest explanation why - and there probably isn't.
I never played SR2 but one of my close friends always went on about how much more fun he had playing it than GTA4. He was a huge GTA fan up to that point to.


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Atomski said:
I never played SR2 but one of my close friends always went on about how much more fun he had playing it than GTA4. He was a huge GTA fan up to that point to.
It was pretty strange at the time. People were hesitant about SR2 because the original, whilst fun for a while, seemed to have areas that made you want to put the controller down. The official thread on here was a slow burner and eventually people were going "you gotta grab this shit right now, it's what GTA4 should have been" in the sense that it literally took the spirit of the GTA3 "series" and ran along with it properly.

I've never had so much fun in terms of gaming of the past few years than it was to load up SR2 once more and just do the most crazy shit possible.
Atomski said:
I never played SR2 but one of my close friends always went on about how much more fun he had playing it than GTA4. He was a huge GTA fan up to that point to.
Doesn't surprise me. GTAIV was pretty boring in my opinion, I could barely finish it. The episodes were much better, mind.

SR2 was just glorious. Horrible graphics and sub par performance but it's probably the most fun I've had with a game this gen, especially playing online co-op with my brother.

Also, Evil Cars is the most awesome cheat ever.
Character customization examples looks great. lol.

Surely someone has received their mag, would love a summary of the info in the preview. (we don't get GI in the UK. :( )
Seen the images of Saints Row 3 but the quality makes it impossible to judge the graphics.

Weapons are upgradable and stays in your weapons cache
DennisK4 said:
Seen the images of Saints Row 3 but the quality makes it impossible to judge the graphics.

Weapons are upgradable and stays in your weapons cache
There's been a definite improvement in the visuals compared to SR2, but I wouldn't say look as good as those in GTA4...but a definite improvement over SR2. (which is to be expected)
Cyborg said:
Did you all forget that SR 2 sucked big time?
An idiot without an avatar. How can we even take you seriously?

It looks like a user over on the Neogaf forums has recieved his copy of the new GameInformer mag early and decided to treat us all to some new hi res images. Well here they are:
Lol.. so a gaffer scanned his shit. Please do a rescan cause I cant see shit
OK so this is from a guy on GameFAQs who says he got his issue of Game Informer, take with a grain of salt (update: Dabanton says it's legit):

They say the game is the same hero from 1 and 2,gat is in it as is shandie,the game now has a standard lv system,you can make your charachter look like the hulk,or have a furry costume,theres a weapon like falice that makes sounds,and vibrates.
they took out multiplayer,and kept coop.
you can now upgrade your weapons,if your a fan of the assault rifle you can add a sniper scope and underbarrel grenade launcher.Close combat more your style?add a third barrel to that lame old shotgun and youve got yourself the gravedigger.Like cars dont worry about losing your investments when you lose them there permanent fixtures in your weapon cashe,also theres no more eating,drugs,drinking,thats been replaced by gernades and pipebombs,there now a secondary weapon.
theres a new rc gun that shoots out an electronic bug that allows you to control vehcles,it starts with the ability to control cars,but you cna eventually upgrade it to take over tanks and air vehicles.once the bug is attached,you assume full control of the vehicle just as you would if you were inside.want to deliver an explosive package to a gang:?attach satchel charges to a station wagon,take it over with the rc gun,and drive it into enemy territory.
3 gangs they are morning star which the muscle are masked wrestlers,the deckers are computer nerds,dealing with security,and money laundering,STAG (special tactical antigang)unit.this government sanctioned force is tasked with ridding the streets of any gang they encounter,regardless of whether theyre syndicate or saint

Theres diffrent ways to finish a mission,like a mission where you can either blow up a towering skyscraper,or lead an assault inside the tower and take it over for yourself.with this tower under your rule will give you access to more weapons,and cash,and becomes your new base of operations.Another is the saints raid a morning star boat filled with prostitutes,after capturing it you can either sell their boat back to them for one lump sum,or keep it yourself and pimp the girls out for the saints.
like gta san andreas you can gain points to be skinny,fat,or strong.

Saints row the third is the first game in ther series to feature a standard lv system.If you wanted to upgrade your accuracy,weapon damage,or sprinting ability in previous games,you had to complete all levels of a specific activity.This time around,respect works exactly like xp.Earn enough respect and youll rank up,which nulocks a new collection of perks and ablities for purchase.If you avoid melee combat,you can bypass those upgrades and asve cash for weapon based perks.With player choice being such a big foucus in saints row this new system allows you to upgrade your character the way you want.
Every gang needs some signature rides,and you can tweak the cosmetics and performance of your car,Instead of being limited to nitrous or kneecappers,players can upgreade bumpers for added durability or pour some cash into torque to help outrun the cops.If you want your car to really stand out,add gigantic spoilers or a customizable underglow. they had some costume options from space suits,cowboy or girl,cheerleader,mexican wrestler,superhero,pirate,ninja,and furry.
New weapons like this one melee weapon-a giant bat shaped like a certain sex toy-leans far towards the novelty end of the specturm.This floppy rubber weapon is fully animated and endowed,and adds an unmistakable degree of insult to an attack.Beating an elderly woman with a sledgehammer is typically frowned upon,but youre really pushing the lines of decency when youre pummeling her with a purple phallus.

A sex toy might be good for a laugh,but it doesnt do much good when faced with an angry mob of morning star.When overwhelmed,players can call an airstrike by painting the target area with a laser.If your enemis are camped under an awning or other cover,you can opt for a predator drone.Like the iconic ac-130 level in call of duty 4,this changes your perspective to a top down view.You can pepper areas with standard bombs or release a smart bomb tha can be precisely controlled with the analog sitcks.
All weapons have one feature in common-a specifict animation for nut shots.Hold a pistol as you melee a bum and your character will drop to one knee and throw a stiff jab at his crotch.If your wielding a bazooka,youll perform a golf swing to the jewels.

One tedious aspect of open world crime games is waiting for the repetitve carjacking animation to complete.The last thing you want to do when youre on the run from the cops is wait for the door to open,the driver to be pulled out,and your character to get ready to drive.In saints row 3rd the LB button acts as a sprint button as well as a modifier.Volition refers to it as the AWESOME BUTTON,because it amlifies almost any action you do.In case of carjacking,this shortens the process down to a missile drop kick int the drivers seat.Sprint at the car from the side and youll break through the window,sending the driver flying out the opposite door.Approach from the front and youll leap over the hood,giving the driver a face full of boot.If youd rather stick with traditional means,the camera zooms in on your victim as you shoot them in the face,or slam the door on their head.
Good Dumb Fun

Professor genkis super ethical reality climax-this warped activity elements of the wackiest japanese game show youve ever seen(kinda like the running man).players compete with other syndicate featuring fire traps,weapon drops,mascots,and hyperactive japanese announcers.

Tank mayhem-Fans of saints row 2 are used to mayhem missions,which equipped you with numerous weapons with infinite ammo.Tank mayhem mixes things up by placing you into a tank and tasking you with destroying specific high value targets.These sections put the games geo mod imporvements on display-cars warp and deform as you tank makes contact rather than exploding in a shower of metal.Health pickups should keep your tank rolling long enough for your to steamroll that valuable parade of strippers.

Guardian Angel-your buddy Angel wants to toughen you up,and this particular method is pulled straight of talladega nights.It requires you to drive carefully around town as a tifer hangs out in the back seat.IF youre playing in coop,your partner must assault the tiger to keep him our of your hair.

As opposed to the random nature of these activites in previous games,these hijinks are tied to the syndicate war in saints row 3rd.Mayhem missions reward you for taking out syndicate property,and the goofier ones like insurance fraud and guardian angel are billed as training exercises to strenghten your charcter so can face the enemy without fear.
theres a new enemy like oleg kirrlor a 8 feet tall towering beast who can toss cars like theyre styrofoam.Hell eventually be an asset to the saints,but the syndicate captures him in an effort to creat clone army.Oleg is highly intelligent,but the syndicates cloning process proves imperfect and his copies come out dumb as bricks.Despite their lack of brains,theyre still shipped out as heap muscle to the gangs of steelport.After getting used to taking down waves of standard sized,gun wielding baddies,youll have to shift your strategy when one of these cloned brutes charge you with piledrivers on his mind.unloading shells in him will weaken him but you have to complete a quick time event to deliver the final blow.
Hmm. Taking that Gamefaqs info with salt as intended but if multiplayer weren't going to make it in, that would bring my interest down some. I was hoping they would revert back to Saints Row MP instead of 2. (PTP was amazing)
McNei1y said:
Hmm. Taking that Gamefaqs info with salt as intended but if multiplayer weren't going to make it in, that would bring my interest down some. I was hoping they would revert back to Saints Row MP instead of 2. (PTP was amazing)
I agree and that is a lame decision. But I do have to say that I'd rather them focusing on the SP and coop then on MP.
Neuromancer said:
Amazon has the game listed for Nov. 15. Could just be a placeholder though.

Around the time of U3, Skyrim, and a few other big releases? I love this series and want to play it as soon as it's ready, but I'd hate to see them get poor sales just because it gets lost in the shuffle of all the other big fall releases. I realize that's just a placeholder though and pretty easily can change.
Serenade said:
Damn if the screens in the scans don't look leagues better SR2.
You can't see shit in scans. FPS, amount of stuff happening onscreen..

maybe it won't look leagues better than SR2 but it can still be improved in every way.

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Bread said:

I'm baffled.

edit: besides that, it all sounded amazing up unitl the 8 foot tall dude
The competitive multiplayer? That crap was garbage, why would you be surprised.

Co-op was great though.