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Game Informer April Cover: Saints Row: The Third


Snuggler said:
The DD version was cheapest at GamersGate.com, and it can be activated on Steam so I thought it would be the right choice but for some reason (and they didn't mention this) it was the German version. There's no blood whatsoever and people disappear as soon as you kill them, it's fucked up.

Lol if I were you I'd complain and get my money back.
MMaRsu said:
So I guess you never played either one? Both games were really good, and especially part 2 was really fun, in contrast to GTAIV.

No I haven't played either one but its seems like that is my loss. I never even knew they were popular.


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Snuggler said:
JI wanted to replay SR2 so I got the PC version last night but I accidentally bought the censored german-language version :(.

Wait, there was a censored version? I have a German/English/French one for the PS3, was that also of the censored kind?

edit: nope, people stay for half a minute and there's blood. Uncut.


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Kotomi said:
Fart in a jar is NOT an over-the-top weapon. You guys act like you're taking a rolled up newspaper and shoving it forcefully into one of the wrestler's anuses or something. From the interviews I've seen, Volition seems to be too frightened to include any funny weapons or gags. This isn't a serious game, it never has been. So, with that said, please put some crazy things into the game that will stun even the most desensitized players.

You're reading too much into it. They're just trying to go viral.
snoopers said:
You're reading too much into it. They're just trying to go viral.
Yep that's what I'm thinking.

Messi said:
True but Saints Row 2 is better.

Why is shaundi coming back but no pierce?
Pierce was a punk ass bitch

(I always thought it was funny when he tried to play classical music and everyone yelled at him)


GTA4's ridiculous amount of commuting and VERY slow start to the game killed it for me. For that, I voted GTA4 to not be a good game since early post launch as soon as I could try it myself.
Fuck, even remembering that game reminds of of all that fucking chore drives with nagging family and date memebers with ridiculously boring requests... I never thought I could get fucking spammed to death in my own game...


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And a new video can be found in the first link


Who’s Who In Saints Row: The Third—Zimos

Who’s Who In Saints Row: The Third—The Morning Star Gang



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One of my favorite things to do is beat up a bum, drink a 40, toss the bottle down like a boss, then take a mock dump on him. And I played as a Fembanger.
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