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[Game Informer ] Eight Promising Improvements Coming To Horizon Forbidden West

Where did they show free climbing? I’ve seen the focus used to indicate climbing points but I’ve not seen a video where aloy just free climbs without doing that. When people think of free clicking, they think of BOTW.

Guys just on here straight up lying. I think they would have emphasized something as big as free climbing if it was available.


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The devs called their climbing system free climbing, you can probably go through this topic to read the official quotes guys, it is not like botw where you can climb everywhere but you can climb almost everywhere.

If you don't pay attention to interviews from devs then you only have yourself to blame, everyone who is following the game a bit know of their improved climbing system, the focus only show climb points when they are not clear enough maybe during frenetic combat but you don't need to use it to actually climb.
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I really hate this shit. I'm playing a video game, I want to have all the information about my character visible. That stuff isn't a distraction, it's part of playing the game.
Disagree. The way horizon does it should be the standard for open world. I wanna take in the landscape while traversing, not looking for the map marker.


The only improvement I want is to make it easier to pick items up. Why did I have to get off my strider to pick up canisters? Why am I holding down square to get consumables?

This happens in far cry 6 too and it's super annoying. When it's crafting material it should be automatic and get picked up when you're near it. With far cry 6 the items blend into the environment but luckily you can put a colored outline around them in the accessibilities options.
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