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Game Informer reviews Too Human. Evilore 1, Dyack 0. Who cares?! We want the BATMAN!


needs 2 extra inches
The highly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive from Silicon Knights finally reviewed by Game Informer

6.75 / 10

the scan apparently has begun circulating.

LOCK if not thread worthy or old

Second opinion: 7
GameFAQ user said:
His control grips seem to be the same as those of demo players, who didn't quite get the hang of it. It's not a perfect system, but I enjoyed it in the demo. The biggest complaint of it was the lack of precise targeting, as once you encounter enemies that explode next to you and such, it can be a pain trying to shoot them as you end up targeting other enemies by mistake..

Other gripes...

- No health regeneration for any characters except Bio Engineer, except through health orbs that are used on contact thus causing all characters playing alone besides a Bio to die A LOT which leads to..

- Lengthy death sequence, with no way to skip.

- Poorly designed boss fights. He doesn't go into detail, just says the bosses have a large amount of hitpoints and seem like parodies.

- Game feels designed for co-op, but story elements are completely removed for it. Although, he calls it a blessing because...

- Bad story. Bad cut-scenes that are poorly animated. Supposedly the story gets worse and worse as the game progresses.

Bottom line of the review:

If you enjoy leveling and looting, then it's worth a look. Otherwise, it's a waste of time.

The second opinion guy is a little nicer, but still comes up with the same bottom line.

Here are some pros it gives also...

- Good sound, decent voicework

- Great customization options, very deep. Lots of loot to collect and customize.

- Great graphical affects and character models (Environments and animation is negatively viewed)
Mama Robotnik said:

Due to popular demand, some info on the "Batman" game (thanks Sallokin):


Batman: Arkham Asylum

1 Player Action Game

Publisher: Eidos

Rocksteady Sudios

Release: 2009
  • Clever choice of location moves the game away from an open world Spider-Man clone and more into the dark and gritty realm of The Chronicles of Riddick.
  • Packed with Batman's most dangerous archenemies Arkham Asylum boasts a brand new story reminiscent of the depth and twists of Bioshock.
  • Story is written by Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, Detective Comics).
  • Wildstorm is crafting the authentic yet distinct new look for all the key characters.
  • Gameplay places just as much focus on Batman's role as a detective as his combat prowess.
  • Game isn't being rushed to tie in with any TV/Film marketing cycles.
  • Game runs on Unreal Engine 3.
  • Most of the game is played through an over-the-shoulder perspective.
  • You're going to see and get to fight against all the big super villains. Seen so far. Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Zsasz, Penguin, Riddler, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and others the magazine doesn't want to spoil.
  • Allies revealed so far are Commissioner Gordon who plays a big role and Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle) who is your radio contact in the game.
  • Game opens with the Joker surrendering himself and subsequently taking over Arkham because of some secret the facility holds.
  • Magazine teases that this game will be the ultimate Batman experience so the voice cast will reflect that (Think Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill).
  • Arkham was chosen as a location because of its limitations including the fact that it's an island prison. It's a persistent location so you can visit any location at anytime including Batman's secret on site Bat Cave etc. Don't think that just because this is an island prison there will only be small hallways. The developers have taken into account all the construction/destruction of the facility over the years so locals will vary.
  • Eidos' Batman license includes all 70 years of comic book fiction so they're pulling from all of that.

  • Boss Battles won't necessarily be a series of straight pugilistic fights. Each enemy represents a different side of Batman and not all of them can match his wide skill set. Some battles are focused on combat others will focus on gadgets some are similar to giant Zelda style bosses.
  • Combat description in the magazine talks about Batman perched on a high ledge in a wide open room as he watches some of the Joker's thugs rifle through drawers. Batman switches to investigation mode using a blue tinted visor that among other things lets Batman see his enemies through walls and identifies things like guns and knives. One thug is carrying a machine gun so Batman jumps of the ledge, spreads his cape and kicks him in the face. He then swipes his cape in a large arc to stun his other enemies and then goes to work on them with a stylish blend of punches, kicks, a knee to the face here a behind the back elbow there. Combat has a gymnastic flourish and is accomplished using only three buttons. Attack, Stun and Throw.
  • Combat is only one element of the game so the developers didn't want a bunch of button combos that you'd forget because you'll be doing other things besides fighting.
  • During battle a combo multiplier at the top of the screen will increase with every strike. Once the combo expires a colony of bats will swirl around Batman and then contribute to an experience bar on the left side of the screen. In an RPG like skill tree system players will be able to distribute points where they prefer. Think Combat moves, faster takedowns, or gadget upgrades like the ability to throw multiple batarangs at the same time.
  • Gadgets are revealed by collecting items in secret rooms. You'll need gadgets to survive as there are very tough enemies in the game that you can't just go head to head with (Think Killer Croc, he's 10 feet tall in the game and super tough)
  • There are sections that involve sneaking but the developers call them Predatory gameplay sections as stealth tends to imply weakness, they prefer to think of it as picking off the weak people or people you wouldn't last too long in direct fight with from strong positions. The example they give in the article is Batman creating distractions with bodies and victim's yells and then stalking the guards as they go to inspect.

  • Developers have come up with a very "sexy" CSI style for forensic puzzles because Batman will always have the very latest gadgets.
  • Investigative mode is the centerpiece in Batman's arsenal. The visor can highlight points of interest and much like the Metroid Prime games will scan items into your database.
  • They also mention another forensic gadget, a fingerprint tracker that allow Batman to follow trails of fingerprints.

  • Magazine hints at the ability to play as the villains in the game. Not sure if this is inserted directly into the game or available as a second playthrough option.
  • Magazine lists a few suggested reading items. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, Batman: The Last Arkham, and Arkham Asylum: Living Hell.

  • Game is very gritty looking. The screens in the mag are all inside Arkham and show case a few hallways, The Riddler's cell, A sewer etc. Lots of great lighting going on.
  • Character redesigns are pretty good for the most part. Joker looks like classic Joker only with Heath Ledger style make up (long drawn on red lipstick etc.) he still has a the bright purple suit and bright green hair. Definitely more sinister looking than say the TAS Joker. Killer Croc is huge and looks more like Jim Lee's Hush redesign as opposed to some of the more human renditions of him.
  • Batman is in the Black and Grey costume. It looks more like armor however his gauntlets in particular look like the ones from TDK. Overall it looks very awesome.
  • They show screens of fights and predator segments and all look very interesting and very Batman in scope. Lots of classic poses etc.
  • You can control Batarangs from first person mode.


From the TooHuman.net forums

comments from the kid that took the pic

"Game Informer has its review of Too Human, giving it only a 6.75! Kind of disappointing.. Among the complaints were the usual talk of the combat system and such, but also a few new ones named.
One complaint was that the game in single-player mode feels like it is lacking because of encounters that always make you feel like the game is designed to be played with multiple people.

Basically, it says that unless you're a fan of running through dungeons and collecting loot, that there is not much to grab your attention.

Game Informer is usually pretty forgiving, so a 6.75 seems low, especially for them.

I've been a fan since I played the demo, and I'm still planning on picking it up. I guess I expected negative reviews, so we'll see what comes up in the next week."

"The Too Human review is on page 104. It received a 6.75, like I said, with a second opinion rating of 7. Praises the customization and bashes on the actual gameplay (No complaints about slow menus, so I assume this has been fixed, as the menus and customization, as I said before, were given good comments). On the cover of the magazine is the new Batman 3rd person action game is displayed on the cover, which also has a large preview within the issue. There's also reviews for Madden 09, which received an 8.25 and NFL Head Coach 09 which got a 6.75.


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Well, if you were gonna fake it, you'd go like 2/10.

edit: Haha, they gave LAIR a 7.25 and an 8?

Man God

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ICallItFutile said:
More importantly, is that the review for Sam & Max Season 1 on the Wii? :D

Depends entirely on how much the developer was willing to pay.

I guess SK's check must have come in late. :lol


:lol For all the hype and other bullshit I've heard about this game, I'm surprised it's rated so low and this is from a magazine that overrates things usually. 1up will chew this apart.


Father_Brain said:
Also, Pandemic's Batman game is apparently on the cover.

Bad timing for that cover story I guess, with that EA guy saying the game is apparently in limbo.

Too Human score is not surprising, that's what I expect it to score all around. High 6's low 7's.


needs 2 extra inches
PepsimanVsJoe said:
The second opinion looks like a 7. Can't make out a damn thing though thanks to the clever lens flare.
i know, can someone confirm what's the second opinion?
Father_Brain said:
So, it's not a Dark Knight game after all? I await more information.

Look at just his costume, it looks based on the TDK costume. Maybe it is what I wanted, something set in the middle ground between comic in film.
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