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Game Informer: Why Mass Effect Andromeda Is A Better Game Than You Think


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With the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, everyone is getting to experience Bioware's epic sci-fi saga. But what if you feel like you need more? Join GI as we tell you why Andromeda is a better game than you think by highlighting the great moments you may have missed.

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Andromeda is a good game with a great combat system.

People just wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon instead of giving the game a chance. Their loss. I had a blast playing the game back at launch and again recently. Way better than any WRPG shooter released this gen. Only Witcher 3 is a better AAA WRPG this gen.


Andromeda is a good game with a great combat system.

People just wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon instead of giving the game a chance. Their loss. I had a blast playing the game back at launch and again recently. Way better than any WRPG shooter released this gen. Only Witcher 3 is a better AAA WRPG this gen.
i guess i will play that next


I enjoyed it well enough. Played it twice. Would not pick up the legendary edition. I played it well after launch though. I really like the idea of starting over in another galaxy.


No, it’s a game with poor story. They also ruined single player combat to push multiplayer.

It has the best real-time combat of any bio game by a mile and beats the breaks off me the ME trilogy in that regard. Gameplay was not the problem with Me:a


GerAlt-Right. Ciriously.
I had a lot of fun with the game, but it wasn't a great game by any means. It had outstanding combat and great classes. However, it had awful bloat and the thing that just killed the game for me was the tediousness of travelling from planet to planet.

The game was a 6/10 for me and it would have been a 7.5/10 if not for the issue of travelling and bloat.
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Andromeda was great. I didn't play the game until a year after release, when the game had several large patches, and I had a ton of fun. It wasn't as good as a Shepard centric ME, but it was still great story wise, and the combat was hands down the best of the series.


In terms of pure gameplay, its a very solid game. The problem for me though is what difference does the pure gameplay in a game like this make when the story is poor, the dialogue is awful, and the characters are terible?.
You cant even do paragon or renegade. Such a wasted opportunity.


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Andromeda is a good game with a great combat system.

People just wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon instead of giving the game a chance. Their loss. I had a blast playing the game back at launch and again recently. Way better than any WRPG shooter released this gen. Only Witcher 3 is a better AAA WRPG this gen.
That kind of half assed art with laughable gif killed the game.

How you go from characters like Shepard, Wrex, Garrus and Liara to that gif, who the hell knows.


One of the things that made the Mass Effect trilogy so good was how much attention they put into the story and lore, how you could ponder it like a proper sci-fi story. How they spent so much time designing how the missions and characters build into the progression of the campaign and unfold the lore as you go. And how that lore has a massive amount of interesting well-thought-out details about all the events and places of the galaxy.

Andromeda lacks all of that depth, from the get-go you start to question all the dumb and poorly written parts of the game, from the dialogue to the narrative.

Andromeda's story is the anti-Mass Effect story, it lacks all the cues and quality found in the original game. There are some cool things with the more open areas and there are certainly some good missions, but to enjoy Andromeda, you have to be able to look past the story, characters, and all the sheer stupidity. It's like watching Game of Thrones season 8 after you watched the LOTR trilogy.

Ev1L AuRoN

I drop the game with less than 5 hours of gameplay, the start of the game didn't capture my interest and all the controversy about the game launch made me sell my copy e then I never looked back.

With so many good games launching I don't know if I gonna give this game another chance.


It's a great game that was plagued with issues on release and had a fantastic trilogy with a badly received ending to go against, it was always gonna be tough

I am kinda glad to see that the next ME is continuing this story though as I'm not sure how they'd even fix ME3s ending at this point in a sequel

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Even at launch issues aside, the combat is the best out of the entire franchise. Anyone saying otherwise has not played it. The verticality of it and the fact that you can combine so many powers instead of being limited to one class was fantastic. The game has some bonkers gameplay moments. It's the worst Mass Effect of all in terms of story, sure, which is why most ppl disregard it but give it a fucking chance you losers.


I downloaded and started playing it this morning. I was holding out for an FPS boost. But with the new mass effect remaster, EA probably stopped MS from doing it.

I am quite enjoying it so far. But does anyone know how you attach mods to guns ??
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I'm playing thru me1 right now and while I like it, it's not as good as I remember.

I got Andromeda day 1 and was super disappointed and frustrated by it. I actually didn't get that far in it and haven't returned since it ws patched. Maybe some day


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I bought it cheap months after it released and really enjoyed. Wish they would continue on and make a sequel but will probably never happen. Too bad.


You had a vehicle that was weaker than the Mako..constantly re-spawning creatures planet-side...a villain who wasn't a patch on Saren, DLC that should have come in but instead turned into a book...I didn't regret buying it 2nd hand and then soon enough trading it in....the game didn't even warrant a 2nd playthrough...


I enjoyed it but it had issues to spare. Played great but the loss of commands sucked. Looked great but the animations (esp at launch) were suspect. I loved the squad banter and “universe” but the main story was ehh considering the provenance, the cliffhanger with no (in game) conclusion stung. The enemy types were a bit lacking and it was a touch easy, boss fights were too far and few.

The biggest offender was the planet traversal and quick travel- too convoluted and time consuming. Backtracking was annoying at times and the worlds were kind of too big and empty. But it did come closer to the awesome feeling of exploration in ME than any other entry imo. I also liked the Ryders and their lil story. I would like to have seen what the team could have done with another entry and proper dev time.

They also dropped the ball with MP. I had a couple hundred hours of fun but it was clear they (EA) tried to push the trx angle too much. The lack of support did not foster a great community like 3’s MP and the grind was too much. Gotdamn it was fun charging about as an adept or blowing shit up as a Krogan or Batarian though! Would happily pay for a stand alone MP featuring both games, I really miss ME3 MP...
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Lone Wolf

I still stand by that Mass Effect Andromeda's main issue is it wasn't a GOTY caliber game like the other 3 Mass Effect games, if it wasn't called Mass Effect I think Andromeda would've had a way better reputation of being a great game with a buggy launch
I agree but only because it was a Dollar Store Mass Effect and felt like a second rate studio just copied from the trilogy. which is pretty much true. it certainly did not live up to Mass Effect 1 or 2. Mass Effect 3 had a shit campaign but great multiplayer. Andromeda had shit multiplayer and an average single player with overall terrible characters.


It was trash. Even if you like the combat, what's the point of that if the story isn't there?

If you like shooting stuff just to shoot, then I guess?

Party members were generic trash. Main characters were trash. Alien species were trash.

Piss poor excuse of a AAA game.


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I first played it a couple years after launch.
I don't think it's bad, I know it's bad.
In a bubble of comparing it to other Mass Effect games, yes it's bad. Outside of that bubble it's a really well made game with great combat and traversal. I like to compare it to Halo 4 and 5. Technically, well made games, but in their bubble of Halo games, they aren't good games.

I think if anyone here were to think that these are terrible, horrible games then they haven't really played a bad video game and I can introduce them to some very easily.

Y'all crazy, it was worse than I imagined. The RPG elements in this game were bad. I don't understand why more RPG games are moving away from specializations.
I don't think people have considered Mass Effect a true RPG game since Part 1, when it more resembled the DNA of Dragon Age/Kotor with shooter elements. Ever since that flipped to mainly shooter with lite-rpg elements in 2, I don't see why anyone would have thought Andromeda would bring back the heavy RPG gameplay of part 1.
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I am actually playing through this now and it is great. I’ve owned it for years and the opening chapter was so bad I didn’t touch it until now. But after that it’s been great..
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I tried it a year ago and it was truly miserable. It might very well be patched, but the facial animations and "acting" were still quite horrible. Storyline was also bad, too.
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