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Game Informer's Top 10 Games Of 2021

Iced Arcade

I beat Infinite last night. It was baaaaaaaaaaaad. The writing was just atrocious. Like 2/10 bad. The combat felt good actually, needs to be a bit faster IMHO. But the actual campaign was terrible. It's obvious how rushed it was, so much of it is just copy/pasted.

imagine typing that lol
Good list. Happy to see Halo Infinite get its recognition. With its release date it'll likely be left out of a lot of these lists
Most gaming site don't pull the crappy 'cut-off' in November like Geoff did for The Game Awards. I think most will include HI in their lists.
List looks good except Guardians Of The Galaxy should be on there. I also am liking Loop Hero and (I haven't played it) but Wildermyth is supposed to be great.
I played a little bit of the #1 game, it's the only game on that list that I played, and there is of course the ominous issue of FFXIV Endwalker not being considered, but holy cow was the #1 game boring to me.
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