Game "Journalism": Major sites fooled by 4chan, Jason Schreier offers GAF apology

Aug 1, 2009
Columbus, OH
Holy shit, I remember Prism from back when I wasn't banned from LL.

Doesn't seem like the quality of his journalism seems to be any better than what the quality of his posts were, though at least he manned up to this and I'll definitely give him props for that (because it's not every day that a games journalist is going to admit he's wrong).

Aside from that... it's such a pity that this was a fake, 'cause I would've bought a Vita at $250 for GTA, MHP3, and Gravity Rush.
Nov 8, 2011
Remember when Brian Crecente lashed out at CheapAssGamer when he posted false news he sourced from the CAG forums?

The craziest part is Brian's quote:

I just remembered this. Maybe Jason was following the site's protocol. That doesn't excuse the lashing out, but it might explain the decision to post the story.
You missed the part where he goes on to say that a forum poster with one post (the actual source for the CAG rumour) is no less legitimate than a trusted website. He actually says that.