Game soundtracks on vinyl | Analogue Gen 33fps

I follow rpbtz on twitter @blipblopwax
I know there are a few other gaming vinyl twitter accounts too.
There is a discord server that just went up but not too much action so far.
A pox on Reddit, place is scum.
I pretty much hate reddit too, but there are maybe a handful of subs that aren't half bad; at least for getting the info you need, then leaving.
How did that Dark Souls trilogy pressing sound? Do you have CDs to compare it to by chance?
Only listened to DS1 so far, but it's good. Maybe a little muddy at times... but that could just be me. I don't have the CDs.
Heads up people - a lot of people from here have already joined us over on Discord. Here's an invite link:

If the invite has expired when you see this please send me a PM either here, on Twitter or on Facebook and I will get back to you asap.

EDIT: Okay - updated the URL. It should be good for at least 24 hours now. If it's expired please PM me and I'll send you a new link.