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gameranx: Top 20 New RPG of 2022


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I even preferred TW3 but the same can be said for it
But... There are builds on TW3 and character progression.

There are even guides for the best builds:


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No, not everything that has a stat upgrade should be considered an RPG, a game with RPG mechanics/elements, maybe, just not as it's main genre. It's just too present everywhere and in nearly every games. God of War is an RPG too i guess?

Oh, Horizon is also a platformer right? You jump :rolleyes:

Horizon & Zelda don't belong there.

So many speculations on 2022 releases and a ton of those are super unlikely to even release this year. What a shit list.


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Hey, Palworld made it into the list.

Cute game, using pokemons as shields during a gunfight or forcing them to do hard labor sounds fun.
Back in my days as a GameFAQs troll, I used to love derailing threads by turning them into a debate about what is and isn’t a RPG. Sure fire way to get page after page of people’s tired arguments that they’ve rehashed 1000 times before.

I’d just say something like “Zelda is my most anticipated JRPG” then when everyone told me it’s not a JRPG I’d say “sure it is, it’s a GAME where you PLAY the ROLE of Link and it’s made in JAPAN. Therefore it is a JRPG by definition.”


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First because I didn’t like first Horizon so why waste my money and second Elden Ring coming same month, a game I would rather put my time in and also after that Triangle Strategy and Relayer, two big SRPG coming out on March.

Simply put I have no room for a game I know for a fact I’m not gonna enjoy.
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