Games for Windows Live purchases no longer downloadable from client [Edit: Fixed]

Oct 12, 2011
Better late than never i guess. Working for me as well.

If i remember correctly you have a huge library of games from windows store and there were already some delisted games which you were not able to download anymore. Any news about that?
Still can't download Blazblue and no response on twitter, I'm going to e-mail support
Jun 7, 2013
I have a couple of stories regarding how trash GFWL was.

When I lived in Turkey, I bought a game on Steam, and it was a GFWL game, but GFWL said it wasn't available in my region, so I was unable to play it despite having bought it on steam.

I didn't have an Xbox 360 (not available in Turkey until very late into the gen) but I had my credit card details for buying stuff on GFWL. My Live account was compromised and someone bought a bunch of games and DLC for an Xbox 360 with my account. I called support, asking for a refund on those, and they asked for the serial number of my Xbox to prove that I didn't purchase the games for my own Xbox. I told them that I don't have an Xbox, and they were baffled - how could I not? I kept arguing with the rep saying I don't have one hence my issue with someone buying Xbox games with my account. I called support many times, but was never able to get a refund for those games for this reason. I hope whomever compromised my account enjoyed them.