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Games so good, they made you quit playing other games


console wars 2020 - participant
Apr 26, 2018
In the past year I've dropped (and have not returned to):

Death Stranding for Resident Evil 2 Remake
Horizon Chase Turbo for Rise of the Tomb Raider
Little Nightmares for Yoshi's Crafted World

And recently I've dropped Resident Evil 7 for Shadow Man Remastered.


Jun 18, 2018
I've dropped more games because they suck than because some other game does things better.
Bioshock is a watered down, more pretentious version of System Shock 2. I still love it and played it several times.
Just because the latter is superior in every way, doesn't mean I'll just drop the former. I'll finish it because I still like it.
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Jan 26, 2014
No, this has never happened to me.

I love this hobby, and it will be a sad day for me if some game ever "prevents" me from enjoying other games. The hobby just has too much to offer, and I keep discovering new awesome games all the time.


Nov 21, 2018
Back in the day, hmmmm defines Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. Perfect Darnley 64.
Devil may cry (I found the demo disc in the Code Veronica X game box and played it more than the RE game I bought xD)

If you want a recent game then Witcher 3. It was hard for me to play games even after I finished it.


Feb 23, 2015
Holy shit fucking Half Life Alyx has genuinely ruined VR for me. Every new game I've played since Alyx has felt under developed and severely lacking. I haven't played anything in VR for a while now. Nothing comes close to being as immersive in VR than that game.


Nov 22, 2018
To me, the moment that killed horizon for me was when I was heading toward a random mission marker some ways away. There was a mountain between me and that marker. I figured that it was faster to go straight there rather than take the long way around, so I made a bee line straight there. I got 99% of the way up the mountain and I found myself completely stuck behind a waist high wall where I could clearly see my way to the other side of the mountain. This open world game placed an invisibility wall in the way blocking my way over a ledge that almost no one in the real world would even be slowed down by.

Horizon had better graphics. It had better enemy design. The story was better. The gameplay mechanics were a generation old and were completely surpassed less than a week later. After experiencing the freedom of BotW, Horizon just felt antiquated.

It’s fair to say that BotW wasn’t the only game reimagining open world gameplay around the time: Dying Light, AC: Origins, and a few others were making similar improvements. They just left Horizon behind as far as mechanics went.
Fair enough. I really like both games but it took me some time to get into BOTW (getting lost didnt help lol)


Jan 18, 2017
Stopped playing fighting games seriously once I played Bloodborne, the game is too good.


Bonus Member
Jan 9, 2020
Iam working on a full game concept for a pitch.

Its basically in the same genre then the SIMs.

Since i started writing it (iam at the point where i have to add some Character concepts and art concepts in general) i killed off my urge to play SIMS 4 x.x

Because i know now how you are able to improve SIMS 4 in many aspects without even going over the top.

As a bonus i just added a intelligent integration of Community and Mods to the game
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Jul 26, 2013
In the tree
Baldurs gate 1/2 pack on switch. It's really hard to get past the old graphics and learn how to play, but I am hopelessly hooked right now. The graphics are bad but the story/characters/gameplay systems are so much better than any modern game I've played recently.

So far I've played it 130 hours and I was restarting/messing around with creating a Bard (I don't understand bards) and I rolled a 100 for character stats, which is practically impossible. So now I'm replaying everything with this dumb bard. He's a rough looking bearded fellow from the north called a 'Skald'.. Baldruf the bard.. look the other way for one second and he'll be running off with a beer in one hand and your woman over his shoulder! ..why can't there be a modern rpg that is this immersive!
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We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
May 31, 2018
Leeds, UK
BotW made me drop Horizon hard. When I tried to go back to horizon after playing BotW, it just felt outdated and stale. It was months before I could bring myself to finish it.

This, they came out like days apart right?

I did like Horizon but the only thing I looked forward to getting back to was the combat.

Also obvious pick for the WoW player is WoW
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Alpha Male

Jan 25, 2021
Bad Company 2 made me quit Modern Warfare 2 - In fact, Battlefield is so good it made me quit playing Call of Duty altogether until Warzone launched.

I have played and continue to play a ridiculous amount of Halo and Battlefield through the years. I love them so much that they cause me to neglect many of my other games. To go along with these, Forza Horizon single player also consumes a large amount of my time.

I can't complain too much because I am always able to play and finish all the single player/solo campaigns I want to, but it just takes me a little longer because of all the time I commit to Battlefield, Halo and Forza Horizon.


May 18, 2019
I’m kind of interpreting this as games I’ve spent a ton of time on and didn’t care to play anything else.

as a Series, Final Fantasy wins. I’ve played Final Fantasy games, up to 10, probably more than anything else, possibly more than Diablo 2, and Phantasy Star Online. The PlayStation period when FF7 came out, I was constantly trying other RPG’s and comparing them to FF7.

PlayStation 2: Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City took over. While I liked FF10, it just couldn’t hold up at this point. The amount of things you could do at the time was mind blowing. And even your friends who used to think gaming was nerdy were on board for these two games. Everyone had it.

Dreamcast: all about Phantasy Star Online

PC: This was a Diablo 2 Machine, the action RPG for my friends and me.

I took a bit of a gaming hiatus for years, and slowly crawled back eventually getting a PS4. I was late to the train for the souls series, but it slowly consumed me. Dark Souls in particular. I’ve spent enough time with this series to only get the urge maybe once a year to play again, but not in the way I used to. Usually Dark Souls, and just up to Ornstein and Smough.

Waiting for my next big fix, just playing mostly old RPGs until then.

Honorable mentions:
Nier Automata
Team Fortress 2
Diablo 1
Legend of Dragoon
FTL (faster than light)
Sim City 3000
The Sims 2
Monster Hunter World
Red Alert 2
May 11, 2011
Playing Fight 'n Rage made me much less motivated to spend much time with Streets of Rage 4.
I still played through SoR4 once, but I really missed the ability to run, parry and execute the secret moves that FnR gives you.

Old Empire.

May 8, 2017
Medieval 2: Total War.

That game had me in its iron grip for years. I actually still play it to this day.

The recent remaster of the original Rome:TW had me hopeful they'll also remake Med2, or even better, release a Medieval 3!

All time classic. Rome 1 was the same, tried the remaster unfortunately too dated for me to return to it
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