Games that took you too long to realize they suck.


Hot takes the thread!

Instead of saying X game isn't for me, you go for the "no dude it suuuuuuuuucks"!

Saying it sucks is subjective and is nothing but an “It isn’t for me”. What you linked is entirely different to what this thread is about.


Hot takes the thread!

Instead of saying X game isn't for me, you go for the "no dude it suuuuuuuuucks"!

There's a difference. Dance Dance Revolution isn't for me. FF13 sucks ass.


Code Vein was my GOTY. Such a fantastic game.

It took me some time to realize how much I dislike all these Western Third/First Person Cinematic Action Games. I had to play a few of them be fully realize. Uncharted, Tomb Raider Trilogy (yes, I actually forced myself into playing all three, first one wasn't so bad), God of War 3 and Gears 1 and 5. I did not complete every one of them, I couldn't. Uncharted was finished under a day anyway, such a forgettable experience.
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Dance Dance Revoultion is dog shit, FFXIII is great.
The reason is what matters. DDR wasn't supposed to be for me, FF13 should have been for me but failed hard imho. We can disagree on the latter (I guess that's the point of this thread) but the former is what I think of as "not for me" which I might also call "dog shit" but it wasn't meant to appeal to me anyway so it's not a very interesting statement.
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Ac Odyssey. I love AC just because I love history and it's an excuse to explore ancients civilizations. So for the latest ones the side content is so bad that I just want to finish the main mission and explore the historic landmarks and be done with it. When I found out 10 hours in they level gated the main story so they could sell you mtx xp boost i was done with it. I'll finish it one day
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Final Fantasy 7. People were going on about it back in the day so I picked it up on PC and sunk a lot of hours into it, enough to complete maybe 75% of it, only to realise that I hadn't enjoyed any of it. Didn't like the combat, characters, or story. Never got to the end.
No way they let you return it. At least not any north american store in the past 20+ years. Once it's opened, you're sol
If the wrapper was off, but the seal was still on, you could return it for store credit. The seal was simply a sticker (sometimes 2 or 3) that was placed across the edge of a game case. It was no secret that in order to take a game back, you simply placed the seals back on.

I've never claimed to be overburdened with good moral character. And simply reapplying the seals was a walk in the compared to finagling the barcodes off the games out of the red box. 😉


Ashamed to say I played hours of the Bionic Commando reboot's multiplayer demo and quite enjoyed it in spite of the occasional lag (reasoning that the final game would have all that sorted). I mean, it was spiderman plus guns, or Gears plus webslinging, what's not to love? It took me about an hour with the final game to figure out that the campaign just wasn't worth playing, and the final multiplayer was somehow more broken than the demo.

Similar problem with Destiny. I played the hell out of the demo thinking, "Wow, the gunplay and bikes are fun. This is stupid repetitive, sure, but it's just a demo. I can't wait to explore the rest of the game." Lo and behold, that one rusty plane is all there is to earth, and the other maps are just as puny. Worse, the only differences between them were visual. I get that it's not a simulation, but how can you have a moon environment and not cut the gravity at least a tad? Ugh. I can't say the demo wasn't representative of the final product, I just thought there'd be more to it.
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The sequel, too. I spent at least 10 hours in each really wanting to like them because of the art style, but man... just not good games. The 2nd one is better, but it's ridiculously easy to the point of not being enjoyable.
Aww man, don’t tell me that. I have both queued up ready to go.


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Breath of the wild.
I tried to like it for 30h or more then gave up.
I still don’t understand the hype.
It’s so fucking bland.

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Undertale. I pretty much finished the whole game, waiting for it to get better at any moment, given how highly praised it seems to be. It never did.
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Pokémon. I didn't know what it was about. 30 hours in and I realized that this was no jrpg that pulls some shit after 30 hours. So I stopped.
Fallout 4. Game was mediocre throughout but took a nose dive for the worse near the end and left a really bitter taste in my mouth.

Also, Skyrim. Was hoping it will get better (not with that combat but hey) as I go but nope, never did. Never reached Oblivion quality.


MGS5 and BotW, yawn...spent so much time on both games, but they never clicked, even if they both had aspects that were top notch.

Dark Souls 2 I finished after 80 hours, but man that was a slog compared to the other games.

Lastly Skyrim, loved Oblivion, was bored to tears with the sequel for whatever reason.

Those are the ones that come to mind anyway.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I never usually buy games like it but it looked lovely, the reviews were good, I watched the battle system being demonstrated in-depth on Youtube and took the plunge.

Said battles bored me to tears. I persevered but it was the same plodding turn-based crap throughout. Deleted it and never returned.

I'm eyeballing Paper Mario for my Switch at the moment and am getting similar vibes but I know I'll probably buy (and regret) it.


Fan will hate me but I can't avoid to confirm Horizon Dawn Zero. I'm playing with it a lot lately, I can't stand his gameplay and his concept. You can just hunt this animal machine (with ridiculous power) with a fucking bow and the cool weapons can be just used in a limited range.
People are stuck with ancient weapons when they are surrounded with laser and other advanced tech because...they think it's more cool use a bow. Fuck that shit. And outside the hunt, there is nothing to do in the game; the elemental thing it's another useless complications. Such machines are already overpowered but nope you have to take count to their elemental nature as they weren't enough annoying. Furthermore fight against the humans is incredibly dull because you have just the same mechanics which doesn't make sense at all. I don't get the love around it because I find the flaws a finger in the eye and impossible to tolerate for my personal tastes
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Recently cyberpunk 2077. I can tolerate it at first but man the bugs/issues are just pilling up and testing my patient. Until eventually I got a game breaking bug.

Another one is ac valhalla. I'm really enjoying it but the long grind and having to check youtube often to find hidden stuffs/collectibles is also getting on my nerves.


No Man's Sky. every time there is an update i fall for it and go back to play but i end up stopping after a couple hours. i realised that i just don't think it's a good game despite all the updates the game has had.

it's not like i paid full price for it at launch. i paid like £10 for it long after it came out lol. it's been 4 years and maybe it's time to uninstall it for good.
Ill need to go with fallout 4. Its like i woke up one day and realized.
“What am i doing? This kinda sucks!”
Uninstalled it and havent went back. Weird because i can still play new vegas just fine


Fallout 4. Boring and empty world with little story. Played for 30 hours and realized I was wasting time in my life. Fallout 76 was even worse but I at least bought it super cheap and gave up after only a few hours

Bethesda has really stunk it up last gen. Any of their new RPGs are bargain bin only for me.


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Many people around here said that it was good... So I downloaded on Game Pass... I love Souls games and this game uses some mechanics from it... I tried so hard to like, 8 hours playing it and I realized that I just hate it.

The combat is awful and the enemies are just boring, the stages are dull and the story is crap.



It was a bit boring but I kept playing, hoping it got better. I just stopped around chapter 5. It tries too hard to be like souls. I was hoping for something more like The Force Unleashed.


Was absolutely enjoying the game till I realized everything mission/objective was basically the same. Just stopped after about Chapter 18.


Decided to give this a try even considering the hate for the story. Its terrible writing is one thing but I kept playing. Its when I got to the open area in Seattle that I stopped. Shit became a chore to play and I just stopped.
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