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Games that you regretted buying at full price


Oct 29, 2020
Horizon zero dawn. Got bored after doing 2 side missions. Bought it again for pc (thanks to super cheap regional pricing). I thought 60 fps and ultra wide would make a difference. But it was one of the most pathetic ports I've seen. The game ran like crap.


Nov 15, 2019
Mass Effect: Andromeda.... Not because I think it's a bad game.... I never played it to even have an opinion of it and that's why I regret it. It was then I realized that I buy games day one and either never play them or don't get around to playing until they are on sell anyway. So I only buy games day one when I know I'm playing them right away.
Jan 15, 2021
United Kingdom
CyberSpunkBubble 2077
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019
Fallout 4
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
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Mar 18, 2013
Omaha, NE - USA
Mass Effect Andromeda.
I booted it up and it had a cool setting going for it. Then all characters grouped together and every single one of the characters felt fake. After living in Shepherd’s world for three games, it felt like the developers went with any generic cast they could find. Especially after all the bonds you created along the way. I shouldn’t have bought it. I sold it shortly after. I hate when that feeling happens. It just feels so fake and generic. I regret that and I regret buying Anthem. I uninstalled it once people were saying it was bricking consoles. I lost interest with it. The missions felt like any other generic MMO type of game. The first person stuff wasn’t interesting at all. I regretted buying Fable III because I was so bored with it once I could teleport myself like a game piece. The story felt flat and the fantasy to it felt stale. I regret buying Overlord and GRAW2 at launch. They were not my type of game and I fell for the hype because someone briefly mentioned that they were good. I remember buying Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and I hated it. I really liked the first game, but this didn’t set itself up the same way. It was weird, I was a couple hours into Vegas 2 and I completely lost interest. I bought No Man’s Sky on launch and regretted it. I am not a fan of gathering materials and the asteroids looked like poop flying in my face. I hated it. Usually I’m pretty good at getting a game, but I won’t buy every single game unless I’m sure I’ll really like it.
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Sep 21, 2018


You know, as shit as this thing was, I legitimately had a blast playing it with my friends and family. The obnoxious cacophony of ear cancer we produced had us laughing like idiots the entire time. Well worth the price.


Apr 3, 2018
Right now AC Valhalla and i got the season pass, Doom Eternal, Middle Earth Shadow of War and Watchdogs 2014 on release and Fear 3.
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Sep 30, 2020
I've learned to feel that way about most games I buy that I know will be $20 twelve months from the release date.

More recently, however, I felt regret over Luigi's Mansion 3. The game has fine production values and such, but the core mechanic of the game is just not very deep and makes for very repetitive experiences. Slamming ghosts around is just not fun for me.
Agreed. the lack of variety in ghost capturing is a deep flaw ....you'd think that they could have developed a different mechanic and strategy for each ghost type to keep the game fresh.


Aug 4, 2020
From the games i regret the most to the least. All i regret buying at full price.
1- Uncharted 2
2- Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
3- Metal Gear Solid 5
4- The Last of Us
5- Dragon's Dogma
6- Ori and the Blind Forest
7- Super Mario Odyssey
8- Horizon Zero Dawn
9- Bioshock Infinite
10- Final Fantasy XV
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Sep 30, 2020
Xenoblade Chronicles DE.

It starts off really well with story and missions but then it becomes apparent that the main mechanic is to avoid really strong enemies and only fight enemies of a slightly higher level and gradually level up rendering the challenge a bit academic. The attributes and budding system is also not terribly clear and I am not sure what it adds. I am wandering the Avatar-like glowing night section aimlessly and really can't be bothered to figure out what I am supposed to do next knowing that it is just more of the same- the story payoff just doesn't feel worth it so I am starting Xcom 2 instead.

Red Dead Redemption 2
It's so long and all the activities are so laborious, that, rather than be immersive it feels like a total chore to do anything. Stopped after less than 10 hours.
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Mr Branding

Jul 5, 2018
I do this alot but it’s not about the quality of the game that makes me regret but the fact that I play them for some time and drop them completely 😓
Such examples are MK11, Sekiro, Tsushima, Smash Ultimate, Witcher 3 Switch, Fenyx Rising, etc
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Neo Member
Jun 24, 2019
Fallout 4 and Jstars Victory. Sure glad gamefly is still around so I don't get burned again.
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Jan 7, 2018
I bought the Force Unleashed on PS2 out of curiosity and it felt like such a watered down version of the PS3/360 version. I hated the bars or whatever they added as health. It was a shell of its next gen counterpart. It was late at night at Walmart. The PS2 had such an awesome run in 06/07.
I bought the PS2 versions of it and X-Men Origins: Wolverine few years ago. I also got them just to see how different they are compared to the next-gen versions. There are some cases when the last-gen versions are actually better like Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
Spider-Man 3 for the PS3. Thought it was gonna be awesome like the second one but it was a huge let down.
I got the Xbox 360 version later and I liked it. I tried it again last year and it hasn't aged well but its still a lot better than the PS2 version.
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Apr 20, 2015
You'd better have asked which full price purchases we don't regret. Only a few come to my mind. BoTW, Skyrim, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3/4, Quake 3 Arena...


Plays with kids toys, in the adult gaming world
Jun 10, 2008

I HATE RE......I ALWAYS HATED RE but the GAF hype for this game was out of control so I picked it up and

Felt real dumb the only RE game I ended up liking was RE6 ( that game was made for people who hate RE because it was actually fun to play)
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Jun 11, 2019
Recently?! Kingdom hearts 3, boy what a shit game it was except for the graphics, thank god i didn't loss much money re-selling it.

Oh and xenoblade 2, the horrible map, confusionary combat system and gatcha system for blades was too much shit to handle for me.
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Mar 27, 2020
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Uncharted 4
Days Gone
Horizon Zero Dawn
Stronghold 2
Operation Body Count
Bart and the beanstalk
Dead Rising 4
No Man Sky
Forza 5
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Aug 9, 2013
Not really. I have my gaming budget. If I don't use it to buy games, I use it to something else and likely more pointless. If I end up buying shit, then what, lesson learned. There are other things which are more worth to regret than what I spend my money on.


Mar 14, 2014
Yie Ar Kung Fu for my commodore +4. A fighting game on a shitty joystick with one button. Where you had to load a set of fighters by tape, and if you reached and loaded the next set and lost, you had to load the game from scratch again.

Awful stuff. I was crushed.
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Apr 5, 2018
South Florida aka Outer Haven

Granted it was on a 50% off sale but still the biggest waste of money I’ve spent on a game.


The issues I had at release was just horrid. Missing faces, people flying in the air, Roach not crossing the bridge, a corrupt save at 40 hours. During the rest of 2015, so many other great games came out like Fallout 4 and MGSV that I legit forgot about it and ended up playing it years later....only to find many of those issues still existed. So it sucks to beat a game years later and still have issues with it and by the time you finished it the shit was like $15..... Its not the worst game of all time, but they had no fucking business releasing that game in 2015 with all those issues especially after all the shit they gave Ubisoft for Unity the year prior.

The next game I regret buying at full price is Cyberpunk 2077 lol (to be fair, I got the Amazon 20% discount for new games as I had it pre-ordered for years and they ass was going to PAY WHAT THEY OWE)
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Apr 3, 2015
The outer worlds.

I was so excited about an Obsidian RPG I bought it full phat price.

It certainly was a disappointment.
Ive been intrigued by it for a while, but heard its not great. What price would you have been okay with paying? Or would you just not own it in hindsight?

Bitmap Frogs

Mr. Community
Dec 26, 2008
Ive been intrigued by it for a while, but heard its not great. What price would you have been okay with paying? Or would you just not own it in hindsight?

I don’t think it’s a good game period.

I guess 10 bucks is a fair price to check it out and see if it’s up your alley.
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Jan 18, 2018

I expected a schlocky B game but I straight up got pure garbage. Maybe the framerate problems were kind of endearing on PS2 but on PS4 this was just sad.
On PC and in Couch Coop this is just awesome. Yeah, the frames dip, but it's still pure fun.

My candidate would be Batman: Arkham Origins.
I was SO hyped after "City". It could only get better... I thought.
I thought wrong. It was shit. A buggy, grey and brown mess with disgustingly ugly texture works, glitched AF and "verschlimmbessert" in all aspects. Batman's costume was held together by exposed security belts...while fighting enemies with swords! (It's nitpicky, yeah, but goddamn I hated that idiocy!)

I preordered this shit in a 120€-Collectors-Edition. :(


Jul 19, 2014

I was 14 and spent like 10 weeks allowance on it. Wasn't a bad game, just not my cup of tea.


Oct 3, 2019
First one that springs to mind is Mass Effect Andromeda. Not over how devoid of character it is compared to previous ones (even ME3).

Also Man of Medan. Decent game / interactive story but it came out on game pass shortly after but couldn't refund.

Then we have the games where I get caught in the hype and try for like 1 hour before realizing it's not really my thing.. Nioh, Devil May Cry 5, Hitman 2, FFXV, ACE Combat 7... All probably good games, but just not my kind of thing.
I used to love Paradox Grand Strategy games but don't really have the patience for them any more. Was excited for CK3 and bought it at launch, but have hardly moved past the tutorial in the months since. Still hoping it will click for me one day but right now it was probably a waste of money (just like Stellaris and the last Hearts of Iron was for me)
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Roman Empire

May 8, 2020
Destiny 2 Beyond Light + Season Pass. I touched the campaign and new powers and discovered I'm fed up with the old Destiny formula. The game needs innovation and Bungie doesn't seem competent enough to deliver it. They should tone down their production pipeline to something like 2 big expansions a year (One Forsaken size every game anniversary and the other a Rise of Iron/Shadowkeep/Beyond Light size) and keep just a flow of quality of life changes between the downtime.

The studio needs to understand that it's OK to leave the game and come back when there is new content. Time and time again, they talk about dealing with "FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out) but all they really care is player retention instead of focusing on delivering quality content and building a stable playerbase, because I'm pretty sure that their F2P crowd doesn't contribute too much to their business model, especially when "free" content is relatively scarce after they gutted most of the game with The Destiny Content Vault.

Metro Exodus is another honorable mention here, they literally changed everything that made the game unique. The quasi open world aspect is the most egregious error on their part because the gameplay of Metro was developed with closer quarters in mind.


Feb 8, 2018
Command & Conquer: Tiberium Sun
- german version was so badly synchronized. But overall the game was just not good. And even now, the game is still unfair with it drones that always seem to destroy my buildyard in the first two minutes...

C&C4 (well I bought it for 5€ but this was still to much for that garbage)

FarCry 2
- Open world, but just to big with nothing to do. But multiplayer was fun for a few moments.

Anno 1800
- I played it a lot, but the patches made many things even worse. This was a game supposed to be played for many hundred hours. If it weren't the bugs (or the "fake news" newspaper-function of this game) the most disappointing thing is the AI that always cheats.

AC Valhalla
- to big, to little story, almost no consequences for your playstyle. It just makes no difference if you end a mission sneaking or you just kill them all. With the last you are just much faster. And the loose story ends cry for DLCs. Really disappointed with how the game "ended". Odyssey was also to big, but at least, your actions and quests had consequences and could make differences. ~20h Campaign + many hours of sidequests would be optimal. But instead you have a story worth of a few hours with 60-70h you always make the same, doing sidequests (if you want but you must to get stronger) that have no effect on anything except of getting XP. At some point I just played through it because I hoped it get's better. But it didn't.


Mar 26, 2007
Smash Ultimate: Second attempt at getting into Smash and I think I’ll just have to admit that Smash just isn’t for me.
Project Octopath: Not that I dislike it, but just that I haven’t played it. Been sitting on my shelf for about two years. Not even sure when I’ll start because of backlog. I should have waited before buying.
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Jan 8, 2019
Skyrim: Had to choose between that and Dark Souls at the time, definitely made the wrong choice. That game just did nothing for me, can't care less about dragons
Fallout 4: With 3 being one of my favorite games of all time I was superhyped for the sequel but it was such a worse experience. Completely ruined the dialogue system and introducing base building was a massive misstep in a game about exploration.
I Am Alive: Even though I picked this up on sale I don't think a game has made me as upset as this. I knew that it wasn't going to be great but I still had hope that some based on some of its concepts but jesus christ I was wrong. It's plain bad.


Jan 7, 2018
Silent Hill Downpour. $60-70. I knew it would suck though so didn't feel too bad.
I remember this very well when I had my gaming store around that time
People were coming back to re-sell it the day after launch, and we were already only offering like $6 for it 😆

As for me : FFXII metal case special edition. The only FF game I couldn’t finish. Didn’t enjoy the world, the characters, but mostly, the gambit system. It made me want to furiously rub my nutsack on a cheese grater (while it actually does all the fighting for me). Never clicked for me. 2 serious attempts

I also buy too early, too often. I tend to buy on release, check it out for a very brief moment, go back to a game I’m already playing, and then come back later (usually game price has dropped by that time)
Latest culprits : Miles Morales & Fenyx (at least I had a deal + gift card on that last one)
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Jan 8, 2019
Pokemon Sword/Shield also springs to mind. My first dip into mainline Pokemon games since Yellow, so was excited to experience a "next-gen" Pokemon game. Played it for a couple of hours and never touched again. It definitely feels like a kids game whereas I could go back to the original gameboy games and still have a blast. Excited for the new Snap game though, absolutely love the original.


Neo Member
Aug 23, 2020
Casting your minds back abit here, but Haze.
One of my first forays on the PS3 and left a lot to be desired.