Games that you *think* only you on GAF have played

Rocket Jockey?

It's an amazing game and I still have the CD for it. I mean, dude...rocket bikes and grappling hooks. Arena combat set to surf rock.

I have yet to meet anyone else in person who has actually played it.

Maybe Genocide Square? I don't know. Dr. Kick in Adventure? Lup Salad? Zyclunt?
I've been aiming to play Genocide Squared for a while now, but I'm sure someone here must have played it once.

Another I want to play, another one that's got a decent cult following. It just ain't obscure enough, yet.

gaf am I alone in my love of shubibinman?

This is pretty likely, though. I've only heard about the game through the presence of a couple of soundtrack releases!

Here's my game that none of you have played: BS O.B. Golf!

This game was never released, and the only other guy who I know played it was probably the first person to even write about it at all. Worth a look, as it's quite good.
I've played that. Fucking loved it too. Fuck dem sharks. I had to stop playing becuase I actually got scared. But, I wish that Endless Ocean had threats, because I stopped playing out of boredom.
Awesome! I'm so glad to be wrong/to lose in this thread!

Alright here's another attempt. :)

This game was short and cute.
Castle of the Winds
Nope. Played it (got it on a CD called "The Complete Windows Set") and loved it. It was probably the best game on there, although Dare to Dream was also pretty good.

I'm going to say Wizard of Wall Street for the PC. I played it in CGA - I think it was made in 1985 but I'm not sure. I'd love to post a screenshot, but I couldn't even find one online; only text references to it.

Edit: I found a link to a pic of the box.
Star Hammer (some old DOS shareware game)

It had little "CG" pieces that led into the actual gameplay part. God this was a long time ago.

Heart of Darkness - PC/PS1 (as far as i know)
I have never met anyone who has heard of it, let alone played it. It was really fucking hard for me! I never beat it. The intro was really cool. I hope someone on GAF has played it, because then I won't feel so alone.
The death animations are the best part of this game. totally graphic and gruesome.

Nexus, the Kingdom of the Winds

couldn't find a great picture, but.. this was the first MMO that I ever sank serious time into. I still think about it from time to time, it had some really cool features. I also used to love the old sprites but it seems like they've redone them.

Defiance, legendary board game company Avalon Hill's attempt at making an action game.

It was like a cross of a more standard FPS and Descent. You drove a hover tank could fly briefly.

I recall liking this one, but it got savaged in reviews at the time. It seemed to attract extra hate because it was an action game coming from a company that had only ever produced strategy games. CGW in particular seemed to hate on it for this reason.

It did do a decent job of injecting some passive story into the game, and had a Half Life-lite intro, only a year or two before Half life actually came out.
Don't play a lot of obscure games, but I used to play Kingyo Chuuihou (Goldfish Warning) the game with my cousins on their imported super famicom.

The game is split into school years and semesters, and there's a roulette that choose a subject for you and each of them has its own minigame, most of them were pretty fun (while short), we just have to guess the trivia part because we don't know japanese.



Get Inside Her!
I don't think many on here have played this NES game called "Dino Warz"

It's B^) and had the best title music :p
NOPE. Played it, loved it.

I'll shoot back with XEXYZ. It and Dinowarz were my two obscure NES favorites. I think I might remember someone saying they've played XEXYZ in some previous thread though. Amazing soundtrack, that game.

[Edit] XEXYZ music: First level, flying stage, ending theme
The dreamcast game I think it was called the Floogle Brothers or something. I fucking loved that game but no one I talk to has ever played it.
As a kid i legitimately rented Superman 64 and tried to play it for like 5 minutes. Also literally asked my mom if something was wrong with the tv/controller/n64

I had Spiderman 64 and loved that game, thought it would be of the same quality.

I was so wrong
Mine is Dragonstomper. It was for the Starpath add-on that played with the Atari 2600. As far as I know, it was the first actual rpg for any video game system. Though I may be wrong about that, it was certainly one of the first. And I'd be surprised if anyone else here has played it.

I doubt this was the original box, but its the only picture of the cover I can find:

Played this a lot on our old Windows 3.1 computer. I'm sure the disc is still floating around somewhere.