Games with the most cringe dialogue


I'm sure everyone who's already played Need for Speed Unbound will immediately say they've hit a new level of cringe and sadness with the dialogue. It's so bad and laughable it's as if it's from a mid 2000s game and even if it was it would still be bad for those times, it's that horrific.

Which makes me wonder, what other games have reached insane lows with dialogue over the years?
Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 3, 4, and 5
Damn, beat me to it.


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Quite literally every piece of dialogue made from the genius head and our lord and savior Nomura-san.
Dude deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award. He can write stories that are so needlessly convoluted you need to watch hours of analysis on YouTube just to make sense of them, while simultaneously being so cringe and infantile they make Mighty Morphin Power Rangers look like Citizen Kane in comparison.


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Most JRPGs.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Anything that isnt Lymle from Star Ocean 4 is wrong.
Note; The original release didnt even let you change the language to Japanese, so you had to suffer the braindead English prbably overly literal localization.

Timestamped for 2:47

If anyone honestly has worse than this please post it.
I want to see just how low this medium we all love has actually gone.


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Not sure it's cringe but when I first heard this it sounded like the VAs were using one of those old P.C. kit mics while recording in a small bathroom.

I give you...Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (only 44-seconds of your time and worth it)

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Forza Horizon 5.

Damn, beat me to it.
You literally gave me a reason to not even try that game (as if me being bad at racing sims was not enough lmao)... As a native latinamerican, every time I hear that fucking spanglish I cringe so hard it gets very difficult to me to continue consuming the content, it's just too stupid, ffs, the same applies when it's any other language, when people speak other than their native language they don't mix that shit with theirs, they try their best to communicate and not mess up because it's hard enough to even communicate appropriately without that shit.

But for some reason north american shows/movies/games put latinamerican people mix up languages as if your ramdom Joe from new york could understand what an "edificio" or a "silla mesedora" is in the middle of a phrase lol
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