Games you love that you can beat again and again.


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Starcraft. I don't play the campaign over and over, but I like to start a game against NPCs on a big map like Continental Divide and play everyone vs everyone. I remove the fog of war using cheats so I can see the battles taking place between others as well as my own. Great fun.


The games i've beaten >10 times are probably:
NES: Kung Fu + Double Dragon II
SNES: Contra III + Turtles in Time


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Maniac mansion for the NES. I have even had several tries at speed running it before giving up on that dream and playing it again for fun.
Max Payne 3
Ninja Gaiden Black/2
Final Fantasy VI
Halo 2
Resident Evil 2/4
Mario 3
Fire Emblem Gaiden
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star Online
Bionic Commando
Baku Baku Animal
Caslevania Dracula X
Outrun 2006
Tetris Battle Gaiden
Typing of the Dead
Jet Set Radio/Future


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Basically almost all the RE games. With some exceptions like RE6, all the RE games are fantastic to replay with the unlockables and generally they're quick enough that you don't feel like slogging along.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice finished it 8 times now about to finish it again with Resurrection mod and then I am thinking of getting the Long May the Shadow Reflect mod


Aria of Sorrow
Skyrim (Does it count as a replay if I've never actually beaten it? 100s of hours, but I can't be arsed to complete the main questline.)
EDIT: Kid Icarus: Uprising (or it would be if I still had my 3DS. That game needs a port yesterday)

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Any of the Bungie Halos
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Killer7 is one that I keep coming back to every couple of years. Suda's best games tend to just take up a permanent residence in a corner of my mind once I play them.

Sin & Punishment (N64) is another that I played many times, though it's been a while since last time.

For some reason, I've beaten Wind Waker well over 10's not even my favorite Zelda game but it's the one I finished the most times.


Classic games Diablo 2, Heroes of Might and Magic III (infinite replayability with random map generation), THPS2, RE4. More recent games Dark Souls 1 and 3, RE2 remake, Doom and Doom Eternal. Basically any game that has "full" focus on gameplay.


Metal gear solid. I play and beat it on my birthday every year it's kinda a tradition been doing it for the last 20 years.
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REZ Infinite with a good pair of headphones.



This game felt like chess, doesn't matter how much fighting game had been improved over these years, I will always be playing good old SSF2 once a while.

I don't think they've improved.

The best "new" 2d fighting game was Street Fighter 4, and that's because they tried to make it more like SF2 again.
Super Metroid - Perfection. I can’t even count how many times I’ve played it. It’s been my #1 best game of all time for nearly 30 years now.

No doubt, could finish this game two dozen times... it is indeed perfection.
In addition to this I'd add Link to the Past, which might be about as perfect as a game that's not Super Metroid can get for me.

Also I'd include a handful of the LucasArts really well-done adventure games -- Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Sam and Max, and Day of the Tentacle, all of which I've played many times.

For me Unreal Tournament is a game I played for a number of years straight... although YMMV whether an online shooter counts for this kind of thing.
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nethack is my favorite dark souls clone
Resident Evil 4 -
Can't get enough of this game. I can beat it and start it over right away. It's just so much fun and the better you get, the more creative you can get with speedrunning techniques and messing with enemies.

Portal 2 -
Same kind of enjoyment I get out of RE4. It is flexible enough to make each run unique and try different strats.

Metroid NES -
I can reliably get to Mother Brain in about an hour and will beat it like 50% of the time. It's great for a short flight because I know almost exactly how long it will take to get through. Plus, those horror vibes and music have stuck with me since I was a little dude.


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Sonic 1 and 2 for SMS
Kenseiden SMS
Jurassic Park SMS
Sonic 3 Knuckles SMD
Sonic CD
Shinning Force 3 SS
Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask N64
Space Station Sillicon Valley N64
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance GBA
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow DS
Pokemon Black DS (one my favorite games of all time)
Elden Ring and Bloodborne


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Symphony of the Night and Planescape Torment.
I consider Torment the perfect RPG, I always find new stuff and the writing is stellar. The Unbroken circle of Zerthimon dialogue blows my mind every time and Mitch Pileggi's stoic voice acting is a perfect fit.
I love it so much I never completed it, I always quit at the last stretch


Cyberpunk 2077. It seems like there's no shortage of creepy things to discover or notice about the characters and city. Like how when V and Jackie find two seemingly dead bodies in a bathtub with ice, V pushes the male dead body aside because he is only paid to find the female. And how the receptionists have no feet. Standing on your feet all day must be uncomfortable, so upgrading to legs with no feet seems like a smart move. Customers don't usually see them anyway.


Reverse groomer.
Hoo boy its a long list
Sonic 1, CD, 2, 3&k
Resident Evil 4
Castlevania SOTN
Cave Story
If i ever boot these games up, expect me to beat them in one sitting.
A whole lot i'm missing
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