Games you've been trying to complete for awhile, but just can't seem to accomplish

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This one hurts to admit, becauase I think the game is actually good. Pillars of Eternity 1. I crowdfunded it. I always delve into the pits under the home castle too soon and just... idk, I get burnt out somewhere along the way or don't level my characters right. 🙃


This one hurts to admit, becauase I think the game is actually good. Pillars of Eternity 1. I crowdfunded it. I always delve into the pits under the home castle too soon and just... idk, I get burnt out somewhere along the way or don't level my characters right. 🙃
I think the writing is not great. I finished it, but I quit before the final boss without realizing it, came back months later, beat the boss and thought to myself "that's it?". Tyranny is the best of the new Obsidian games, but that might be because I like Rome so much.


Returnal - I love the gameplay and the loop but I just want to be able to complete in a traditional way.

I’ve only ever got to the boss of biome 2 once and I’m pretty sure it killed me in two hits and the thought of trapsing back through Biome 1 to be at teh right level and then making through the second again really puts me off to the point where I’ve tried but can’t get back there again.

I’ve tried YouTube tips and little adjustments to help like dash on R1 or increasing the auto aim.

I just end up having too many parasites to handle or a shitty gun I don’t like.

I don’t think I’ll ever finish it and I really want to!

Also Valhalla , dropped it after 30 hours , I think I was a way off the ending too. Just too repetitive and the combat is shit.


Far cry 6 for me. Dunno why
I could see why someone would feel that way. I enjoyed it because the objectives were clean and I like taking over stuff but that's pretty much it. I ignored most of the side content this time around. I found the world and characters pretty boring, but the gunplay was pretty good. The skill-being-tied-to-equipment aspect was a big let down. I hope they never do that again. It makes more sense to limit people by having them equip the perks themselves independent of the equipment and have the equipment be for looks, or at least do it Final Fantasy 6 style where you unlock the abilities by wearing the equipment for a certain period of time until the ability is unlocked.
They're gonna need to do something wildly different for 7.


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I have a few. Dying Light 2 - I am 5 missions away from finishing it. I want to save it for later. I'm too excited for Elden Ring to be honest. The story wasn't really impactful. I was having fun with the combat and the parkour. I just didn't have it in me to finish it. I also got tired of plugging in the electric cables to power up a building. I hate how they include that in the main campaign. I feel like I would be rushing to beat it and it just got an update. I just recently finished Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I was kind of hoping to toss things up with a FPS before all the good third person games come out.

A couple that I dropped were Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. I played 10 hours and just lost interest. It could be that I wasn't feeling it. I liked what I played. I just wanted something to move quicker and be more engaging.

I also dropped Record of Lodoss War for a silly reason. Mainly because it looked too much like the Lunar Nights engine and I felt like I had had my fill. For example, have you ever had your fill of Castlevania? Those are amazing games and they'll be good in a year or two. After you finish a couple, the art styles start to blend together. I had a moment where I finished 4-5 Castelvania games on GBA/DS and maybe I just need to wait it out.

Deathloop - I got so tired of it. I would feel good about my runs and then I wouldn't complete the objective. I don't like that. I know the meaning to this genre because I have all the rouge-like games that are worth mentioning. I don't think I'll go back for a while. I felt the same way about Returnal. I liked it, but I've played harder games with fewer punishments for dying.

Daemon X Machina - I liked it for a while. I was into it like it was Zone of the Enders except its not Zone of the Enders. It has cool, large monsters and fun combat at times. It also has irritating level design and frustrating maneuvering through small corridors. My mech had the best gear I could find and I didn't change gear for what felt like 7 missions. That wasn't engaging enough for me. I also wasn't getting into the story. I kept skipping dialogue sequence after dialogue sequence. I have a couple hours every night if I want to play. Usually I will stick to a game and finish it. I just didn't want to use that time on that. It was cool that Epic gave it away for free, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it.
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Skyrim, Death Stranding and Dark Souls 3.

I quit Returnal several times but finally powered through and got the platinum a couple weeks ago.


It took me 6-7 years to finish The Last of Us. It ended up being a shit game to the very end. With all of the praise, I thought something good would happen at some point during the game. Didn't bother with the sequel.


I have troubles with Hollow Knight. The game is quite demanding so it's a bit hard to get motivated to play it.


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Vagrant Story, I have started it three or four times over the last decade but I always put it down for something else, I have to accept that the game is not for me while I normally love Squaresoft's PS1 output.


I’m now on my fifth or sixth attempt at trying to finish TLoU.

I’ve got one single play through. So same save.

I have this pattern of playing for an hour or two, then getting bored. Stop playing. Then something on the net will raise my interest on playing it again. Then back to the start.

No idea how the hell I’ve avoided spoilers but I have.

I’m currently at the bit where *SPOILERS* Joel wakes up after being shot and Ellie is being held prisoner by a creepy shitbag who I think wants her for sex?? So I don’t know how far I am from the end but I’m starting to get that bored feeling again…


Bruh I have been restarting Twilight Princess on and off since 2006. Like for whatever reason I leave the game too long and when I return I start from scratch. I told myself my last attempt was going to be the final one...

but I left it for a year... went to pick it back up instead of restarting... AND DELETED MY SAVE FILE BY ACCIDENT!!!!

I'm not going to let it beat me.

In other news I'm finding it hard to stick to any given game at the moment. Between life sapping my free time I find it difficult to unwind with the games I enjoy because I feel I don't have the time to fully immerse myself. I don't want to play through Psychonauts an hour here and an hour there when I get a spare moment whilst I'm feeling mentally drained from the world's bullshit. It's killing me at the moment.
I think this is my issue too. I literally have about 4 hours spread out over a week to play games at the moment. So whenever I sit down to play. Everything feels like it’s too big for me to get into.

I’m also going to blame GP. I’m stuck in this loop of playing games that are leaving. I might have to knock it on the head tbh and just pay for months that have a new game in there I want to play.


Doom Eternal DLC 1. It took me a long time to beat Doom Eternal as well but my goodness the DLC is like double the time.

Yakuza Like a Dragon. With super long cutscenes and me wanting to play the game at strange hours... well I don't get much time to put into it. Love the game and the experience but I just need to be able to have a bunch of time to commit to it.


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Tales of Vesperia, tried twice on the original xbox 360 version and just lost steam, tried again on the switch version and again just lost interest and got distracted. :(


Skyrim, I keep doing all the side quests, not the main ones.

Also, I may be a bit of a mod addict. I load up new mods, configure them, and then stop playing the game after checking out the new mod. 😭

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Stellaris - I've restarted the tutorial 3 times but the game is really daunting with such a time commitment just to learn how to play.

Fire Emblem 3 Houses - I play my Switch exclusively in handheld mode...but the problem is that I hardly ever play it. I even got an OLED hoping to play it more but haven't so far. I absolutely love the combat but pretty much dislike everything else. Anyway, Once I finish KOTOR I am hoping to focus on finishing Fire Emblem.

Bloodborne - been playing this on and off for years. I'm about 60-70 percent done.
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Shovel Knight. Bought it on WiiU and got halfway through it. Got to a very platforming heavy level, remembered I suck at/hate NES/Mega Man style platforming, so I took a break from it and never went back.

Got it on 3DS figuring if I had it on the go I could knock it out on some downtime on breaks. Played the first level and never touched it again.

Got it on sale on Xbox thinking “hey, Battletoads!” Played the first level, never got to the Battle toads, and never touched it again. Not sure why I hadn’t learned I just didn’t care for the game the first two times. I think I really just wanted to like it because it seems like a real “gamers” game and I should like it, but I just can’t.


Botw , exploration is very fun at the beginning (and mid game ?) but after a while I feel like doing anything kind of meaningless .

I dont need that much health , I had enough stamina , my weapons was okay , my slots kind of enough already , fighting is meaningless , exploration is unrewarded , the puzzle start to feel repetitive.

So after 50 hours and two guardian down I stopped playing . Story was not enough to keep me playing .
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Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’ve tried 3 times now. Each time I’ve gotten to the part where it opens up, then I think “eh maybe I’ll play something else for a bit” and I drop it.

IDK I can tell it’s a really well made game and I want it to draw me in, but nothing hooks me.


Bloodborne is it for me. I've started it up several times and get just a little bit further in the game and then move on to a different game. I'll beat it eventually cause I like the atmosphere of the game but I really dislike souls games.


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Pillars of eternity.
Game seems pretty decent but I just can't get into it. There's just something incredibly boring about it and it sucks because I really want to get into it lol


TLOU 2. I don’t know, the game I all right but it’s so damn depressing I find it hard to find the motivation to complete it. Think I am 2/3 through but is much rather just boot up RDR2 and mess around on my horse and take in the beautiful world.
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jet set radio. I've been trying for 9 years to beat that game and I just can't. The music and aesthetic still hold up but the controls are terrible. Every time I try to play it takes me a while to get used to the controls and then I just end up quitting and not touching the game for a while. At this point I'm as while spin up an xbox emulator and play jsrf which I've heard has much better controls.
Tales of Arise. Dropped it 10 hours in, got back to it a few months later, then dropped it another 20 hours in. It’s not bad per say, just overhyped for me. The graphics increase are nice but the world actually feels like there’s less to do in compared to prior games. And the cast and story are mid. This is coming off of Berseria, which not only told a more compelling, darker story, but also gave its cast way more depth beyond just their basic personalities and motivations (mainly due to Berseria’s skits, whereas Arise’s skits focus entirely on just reiterating story/personality elements covered in the main game. Also, boo on the new skit design. Yes, I love my costume customization, but I never wanted it in skits if it meant sacrificing the expressive character portraits).

Doesn’t help I hear Arise’s second half compared to Xenogears Disc 2, ouch. I’ll finish it one day but considering the only Tales game I never bothered to finish was Xillia 2 (a blank slate MC who barely has any dialogue options, who asked for this? Not to mention re-using 80+% of the environments from Xillia 1), it’s pretty disappointing.

Right now I’d rank the Tales games I’ve played:

9/10 - Abyss, Berseria, Vesperia, Symphonia
8/10 - Graces F
7.5/10 - Xillia
7/10 - Zesteria
6/10 - Arise
4/10 - Xillia 2
Similar to my take on the series, Abyss, Berseria, Vesperia are all great, can't say the same of Symphonia though, some how I just can't get into the story. And I think Xillia is a bit of underrated.


I blasted through Doom 2016, but Doom Eternal took me 30 something hours over the course of a year. A lot of time was getting my keyboard memory back after gaps in play for all the different sub weapon shortcuts.


Pokémon Legends Arceus.

It's good, sure, but it still suffers from a very similar "Pokémon fatigue" syndrome.

Also not a fan of the main character's design and the clothing options available to me right now.


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Red dead redemption 2
Witcher 3

Only on act 3 in rd2 and like 20 hours into Witcher 3… I’ll try again when the series X patch is out.


Resident evil 6. Been playing through it with my buddy off and on for years. The game just doesn’t END.

ZELDA: Twilight Princess. It’s the only console Zelda I haven’t finished but it is so hard to force myself to play through it.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It's not that the game is difficult or anything, but so fucking long. It's endless. I'm probably at 110 hours and it just keeps going and going and going. So I've been playing it to and from for several months, otherwise I would be burned out. I don't think I'm ever gonna complete it.
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Red dead redemption 2
Witcher 3

Only on act 3 in rd2 and like 20 hours into Witcher 3… I’ll try again when the series X patch is out.
For me I initially having the same problem with Witcher 3
Can't say the same for RDR2 though that game was a blast for me.
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