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Games you've given up on

Thief on PS4...... Despite hearing bad things about it I thought I'd give it a fair try...... After chapter 2, nope deleted the game and moved on to better things.
Sunset Overdrive - got bored, forgot controls

Alien Isolation - nothing was happening, cant be bothered

Metro - got bored

The witcher 2 - got distracted, completely forgot controls

Don Bradman Cricket - took too long to learn the controls so i forgot them.


Almost all of them...

My enemy = time and new releases.

Play all the games or play and complete some of the games.


Pretty much every game I've ever played. Seriously, I have a problem. I cannot complete video games. Pokemon is an exception kinda, but I never try to catch legendaries or fill my dex or whatever.
I can name a few games I've actually finished: UC2, UC3, Bioshock Infinite and Beyond Two Souls. Fuck that last game. Fuck it so very much.


Xenogears. Didn't finish it on PS1, tried again on PS2, re downloaded on Psn and just couldn't get through disc 3. It's the only game I consider one of my favorites off all time that I never finished



Suffered through Leon's whole campaign and most of Chris before giving up on (possibly) the last boss. Coming from a huge RE fan, this game was the absolute biggest disappointment, with the horrible boss battles finally making me snap and give up.


It's close to being Empire at War on the PC...recently downloaded from Steam...but no sooner do you conquer one planet, its under attack!!! With your space-forces already decimated just trying to capture the planet!

Anyone know of any good strategies to complete this game?
Final Fantasy XIII.

It's a long game with very little gameplay variety unlike the other FF installments that are packed with mini games, side quests and places to explore. Linear experiences are fine if the experience is short, like a 6 hour Call of Duty campaign but doing like 60 hours worth of linear path following and fight after fight? Nah, I just youtubed the ending and went to the next game.
Demon's and Dark souls. I tried twice to like these games but they are not remotely for me. I despise them now after trying them. Only time GAF has steered me wrong really
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is one game I gave up on. Not because the game is bad, it plays like any other AC game (I've played 1&2 to completion) and the game looks/runs fantastic on PS4. I just wasn't too big a fan of the sailing aspect, and in general I guess I just got....bored.

I gave up on Black Flag for the same reasons. That game just seems to go on forever! Its a good game and I've had fun with it exploring the Islands, and diving the wrecks, but I just can't be bothered to keep on playing through to the end . I appreciate that Ubisoft like to pack lots of content into their games, but so much of it just feels like filler and busy-work.
Dark Souls II. After loving the shit out of Dark Souls, I just couldn't bring myself to finish the sequel. Bloodborne looks like more of the same, so I guess I'm done with the Souls series.

I have no idea how you've gotten this impression. I don't see this at all, and haven't seen anything even remotely like it stated once in any of the previews or impressions that I've read.


Dark Souls II. After loving the shit out of Dark Souls, I just couldn't bring myself to finish the sequel. Bloodborne looks like more of the same, so I guess I'm done with the Souls series.

This is my feeling as well. Every time I have played Dark Souls 2 I find myself wondering why I'm not justpplaying Dark Souls instead.


La-Mulana. I'm a huge fan of Metroidvanias and games of its genre in general, but all I got was unintuitive bullshit with poor platforming physics. I put in 3 or so hours and that was enough.


Dragon Age Inquisition. But I will get finish it eventually.
Bound By Flame. Just a bad game with horrid characters.
Evil Within
Red Dead Redemption. It gets so much praise but all I ever felt like I was playing was a slower, more boring GTA. The most joy I got out of that game was from glitch videos on YouTube.


Crashing this plane... with no survivors!
I'm very close to giving up on Dark Souls. I've been stuck at the same part for a while and apparently I've been going the wrong way (again). It'd be nice to have at least some indication of where to go, but no. Just more cryptic bullshit.


Ni No Kuni

I don't play JRPGs but I love Ghibli movies and Hisaishi's music. I just couldn't get used to the combat or grinding. Apart from that I was down.


Final Fantasy X. I did not like the game, but I got very close to the end. A battle with Seymour in some snowy mountains. A had some trouble with it and then realized not only did not care about going forward any further, but I had spent about 40 hours playing a game that I hadn't enjoyed.

Kind of a liberating moment. From that point on I no longer felt compelled to complete every game I bought.


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Dark souls
Assassins creed 4
Ni no kuni
Freedom wars
Watch dogs

Ironically I beat ac3 which is way worse than 4 but Idk maybe too repetitive. There are other games that I haven't beaten that I got from psplus but I don't count those because I didn't didn't go out and buy them physically like the ones on my list. But out of all of those I really want to beat ni no kuni, I think the fact that I know it'll take quiet a long time to beat is a little daunting.
Jet Force Gemini. Everything was fun until they mentioned that the last ship part requires me to rescue all of the villagers/whatever. That's when my progression slowed to a stop since I would rather spend time playing other games. Way too tedious to go through areas again. Especially since the villagers can be killed if you don't act fast about certain enemies that go looking for them.

DOTA2...I tried the tutorial. Waaaay too much info for me to take in to bother playing a match.
I agree with him. I tried it for about half an hour last week and I get his point. It's just bog stock Racer with no charm or fun at all. I put a lot more into forza horizon 2 because the road trips, soundtrack and races were a lot of fun. It was just bare bones to me and I didn't find the racing engaging at all.


Tons of them. Here's a few of the bigger and more memorable ones:

GTA5 - Got bored. It just felt like more of the last game, which was more of the one before it in a lot of ways. The hype train had me believing this was going to be the next big step for GTA but it was the same old shit repackaged.

The Order - I wanted to keep playing but I rented it and decided I didn't want to see it bad enough to keep paying for it. It was moving really slowly and I wasn't that impressed with the combat, so I let it go.

Dark Souls 1 - Somewhere around Lost Izalith. I hated that section more than any other game in recent memory. It was just fucking garbage. I played for a little while past that section but the game was just frustrating and had shitty design compared to Demon's Souls. Can't remember where exactly, but Lost Izalith was the start and soon after I just wrote it off completely and sold the game.

Final Fantasy XIII - The absolute last time I let myself play something under the idea "It gets good if you can slog through the first 8 hours!". Such bullshit. It never got good. I quit about 20 hours in and questioned why I ever held on for so long. Must have been the charming music and sort of fun battle system. Probably also helped that it looked really nice.


Kane and Lynch 2 is the only one I can recall angrily deleting. A friend bought a copy for me to play with him co-op.

That sunovabich...


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I have on my shelf the Zelda Skyward Sword Collector's Edition. I've tried so many times to stick with this game, i'm a huge zelda fan (look at my avatar lol), but the mix of "you need to use all the wiimote features" even for small thing like lift up a pot, the sloooowly first section of the game and the very jagged graphics (i'm not discussing the art direction here) make me drop the game so many times. I think i've really given up on this. On mi WiiU i don't even have the sensor bar connected. And i'm really sad that this will be the only "Main" Zelda game that i've never finish (oh and also phantom hourglass, but i still have hope for this -> i will own you sometimes repetitive first dungeon!).


The only recent game is GTA5, think I got to the mission where the kid sells the boat or something and you're chasing him down on the freeway. Very early in the game, the missions were so boring that I just gave up.

Oh yea, I forgot The Evil Within, that game was pure shit.


A lot more than I care to admit but the two largest stand outs are Darksiders 2 and The Evil Within. Both games I was excited to play (Loved all of Mikami's games and thoroughly enjoyed Darksiders 1.) Can't be bothered to finish either one, just not having fun with them.


Recently, Girm Fandango Remastered. The bloody puzzled were far too obtuse for me. I ended up reading the solutions off of my phone as I played before giving up. I'm sure I'll go back to it at some point.

Going further back, Viewtiful Joe for Gamecube. I found the bosses really hard going,
so when I got to the boss rush area I just didn't have the will to go on.
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on PS4. I love the game, absolutely love it, but the numerous glitchy trophies (PAL version) and unobtainable items just makes completion progress impossible so I said I'm done with this version. Sad too because its the kind of game I love so much I'd love to platinum.

The seemingly lost forever update that everyone else has but we don't just made me even more annoyed and I dropped that version completely. -_-

Steam from here out thanks.
Assassin's Creed III - was pretty tired after Revelations but this one just killed the series for me.

Hitman Absolution - my first Hitman game and the game just makes me feel like I'm not playing it correctly.

The Witcher


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This thread conjured up a memory.

Was hilarious when Angry Joe attempted Dark Souls

He couldn't get past the tutorial and was stuck so sadly early on for like 15 min lol

What made this funny was that there were no subsequent videos: no explanation, they just never happened w

Looks like he's more recently tried to redeem himself by taking a shot at DSII - going to watch bc the sudden fail/discontinue of the original was too good.

Praise the sun
Too many to list. My 360 backlog probably won't ever get touched since it's in my upstairs bedroom.

If a game doesn't hold my interest I move on. I don't have a ton of time to game anymore due to kids, so I'd rather spend it playing something I enjoy.
A lot of response ITT just spells out that it's mostly not the games themselves but the lack of time people have.

Were everyone here retired millionaires with all the time in the world, at least 75% of the games given up would not have been given up.

This is why I'm more focusing on career and investment now and rarely have time to game. Just want to retire young and enjoy my hobbies full time.
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