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GameSpot: Call Of Duty Should Be Afraid Of Battlefield Again

Honestly, where can they even take the franchise from here? Everything that can be done was already done. We played the COD formula 100x times now. Yet despite everything they pump out, nothing comes close to the glory days (Cod MW to black ops 1). It’s all fugazi at this point
Dude, CoD MW (2019) is objectively best CoD ever, best FPS ever I would say (unless you’re one of those who gets turned on by Doom and such) , nothing comes close and I was there during those ”glory days” (they were glorious because they revolutionized genre).


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After Cold War cod really is the pits. They get so boring so fast.
I wholeheartedly agree. I REALLY dug Modern Warfare, but with Cold War I just completely lost steam. Much faster than I did with Modern Warfare as well. So much so that I told myself I'd be taking another COD break and skipping on the next few iterations. Assuming they'll be pretty meh.

To me, this means Battlefield has the opportunity to take the wheel, and honestly I really hope they do.

I REALLY loved how back in the day both the COD and Battlefield series could exist, and they both felt pretty damn different. I mean, I'd play COD 1 and 2 to scratch a certain itch. Then I'd go play 1942, Vietnam, and BF2 to scratch another. But years later the line between their differences began blurring, and they both began borrowing and influencing one another. Which is fine, but it's a shame IMO as both still have their differences of course, but they're not as bold as they used to be.
Dude, CoD MW (2019) is objectively best CoD ever, best FPS ever I would say (unless you’re one of those who gets turned on by Doom and such) , nothing comes close and I was there during those ”glory days” (they were glorious because they revolutionized genre).
MP or Warzone?
Lmao this cant be for real...

Actually I do think there was a time where BF could've legitimately challenged COD, but BFV pissed away a lot of their fanbase.


Pretty sure that Battlefield 1 was better multiplayer than IW.

Same for BF3 vs MW3 which was a huge rivalry.

MW3 sucked. Was like Michael Bay: The Video Game.
MP or Warzone?
Everything. Campaign is must-play stuff, really really great and MP is a dream. Played the game 6-7 months in a row, basically every day until I eventually got sick of it and needed to move on for my mental health sake lol. Superior to even BF 3 and 4 with all the vehicles, destruction and stuff. Cold War can’t touch it whatsoever (though you can still have fun with it). Masterclass from Infinity Ward and I’ll be there day when it’s their turn again.
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I honestly have never understood the comparison. COD and Battlefield are so different. Battlefield is just too large in scope and player count to ever compete with COD which is essentially the 2021 equivalent of an arena shooter. They both have their place but Battlefield ends up being a time sink and you feel like you are accomplishing nothing since there are so many guns aiming at you. It’s cool but it’s a completely different vibe than what COD players are looking for. I hope it’s a huge success I absolutely loved BF2,3 and 4 but it wastes so much of your time trying to get back into the action with the big maps and with the often totally one sided battles it’s just not a game I can see dominating the casual market.


That's funny as both franchises went to shit. They can one up each other with each title...but as they seem to get worse with each release, this is hardly a measure of quality.
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They are not the same, and scratch different itches. Battlefield games last 20 minutes+, and are awful without a squad of mates. COD is quicker, and much easier to enjoy solo.

I’ll buy both, every time.
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Such a big disappointment in integrating Cold War crap into warzone. Modern warfare got desecrated by activisions decision to merge Cold War into warzone. If battlefield 6 turns out to be as good as BF4, obviously people will jump back into BF such as myself. I say this after having spent 1450 hours in BF4 on PS4 and 950hours into warzone on PS4

They never touched the multiplayer bit from Modern Warfare, which I still think its the best showcase for what they meant to do with that engine, and its where I think the core dev work went into. Its a very good game IMO.

The Warzone part of the game is a totally different story.


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I like Cold War, but its integration into Warzone and MW MP being deliberately content-starved to death despite its popularity has been a bizarre disaster. The Battle Pass itself was a giant disingenuous FU to MW fans. I can't imagine IW being happy about this situation either.
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Modern Warfare 2019 attracted lapsed Battlefield players but now with the problematic integration and takeover of Call Of Duty by Cold War, it’s time to see if the door is open for Battlefield 6 to take the big team battle crown back.

Modern Warfare 2019 attracted lapsed Battlefield players by breaking from Call Of Duty’s formula using mil-sim-inspired weapon handling, big team battle modes, and Warzone. Modern Warfare executed on an extensive year-long content plan that included new weapons, special events, and experimental modes. That all ended around the time Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launched and took over the season pass, buried Modern Warfare in Warzone’s launcher, dumped around 30 weapons into Warzone, created balance issues, and gave Modern Warfare players rewards for a game they might not own. Recent investor calls by both Activision and EA have confirmed new Call of Duty and Battlefield games targeted to release in late 2021. Not only that, but Battlefield 6 is being worked on by DICE LA, now run by Vince Zampella, an original Call of Duty developer.

In this video, Aaron and Richie talk about what was so groundbreaking about Modern Warfare, why Battlefield fans loved it, and what made them leave Battlefield in the first place. This video also looks at the studios rumored to be developing both games and what advantages they might have over each other.

The next Call of Duty and Battlefield titles are targeted to release in 2021. Battlefield 6 will have a reveal this spring. No further information has been announced on the next Call Of Duty game, however, initial trailers often drop in April or May.

The lolz.

No...no they shouldn't. I don't believe any Battlefield has EVER outsold a Call Of Duty.

Also consider COD is a yearly franchise.

I see no evidence that you'll see a flipping of the install base of users or BF selling better etc. They are deeply established series and people already know what they like from them, I mean shit you have several generations to see what BF was if they really, really wanted that. I don't see enough hear to really argue BF will outside COD.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Battlefield 2042 had a strong showing at E3, where Call Of Duty's yearly plan was notably absent. Right now, it looks like Battlefield is winning, but Activision could come back this summer with strong reveals for Vanguard and Warzone. It’s time to examine how these two juggernauts will go head to head.

Developer DICE showed off a ton of promising features in Battlefield 2042 at E3 2021, including massive, purpose-built maps, a revamped conquest mode, 128-player matches, bots, vehicle combat, tornadoes, a battle pass with free and paid tiers, near-future gadgets, and a new class system. As we hurtle towards the early access release on October 15 and general launch on October 22, there's still a lot we don't know, and more announcements are coming from EA Play Live on July 22. We are also expecting an open beta and the non-battle royale mode Hazard Zone to be playable before launch.

Meanwhile, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone have managed to alienate some Modern Warfare fans who could lean heavily towards Battlefield. Not to be counted out, Call Of Duty may announce their 2021 game in the near future, informally called Vanguard by the public, and rumors are swirling around a new and larger Warzone map.

In this video, we take a look at why Battlefield 2042 feels like it's already winning this year, compared to Call Of Duty and the rumors that it’s returning to a World War setting. We're also going to look at pitfalls that DICE needs to avoid, like the perception its new specialists have been designed for monetization and microtransactions. Finally, we’re going to look at the current state of Cold War and Warzone, and how Warzone specifically became well balanced, how it's telling stories in a way that Battlefield hopes to repeat, and how Activision's yearly cycle could mess it all up.

Battlefield 2042 is set to release on October 22 for Playstation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The next-gen and PC versions will sport enhancements and a higher player count. Call Of Duty: Warzone is currently in Season 4 and can be played for free. The next Call Of Duty is being developed by Sledgehammer Games and is still expected to release in 2021, with some kind of reveal event hopefully this summer.

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I think if EA managed Star wars battlefront properly that would have had a good chance of usurping call of duty in sales.

BUUUT they didn't so I guess we will never know!
Why should CoD be afraid of a game that has no single player or BR? EA must be throwing out ad money like crazy.
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Ill take that bet any day of the week and twice on Sunday. BF is a fun game, but it has ZERO competitive modes. Zero.

In case you need a refresher, easily found this article from 2016:


And another:


Look, I consider the reveal of BF1 one of the greatest, if not greatest, reveals ever and it's my personal favorite, but once it went down the casual path, there is and never will be a return.

Also, not to harp too much on urinalist, but seriously? There is nothing else to discuss in a billion dollar industry that have games releasing every day? Pathetic.
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The past 15 years has shown that the two can co-exist quite healthily. Imagine if the gaming press had something useful or insightful to write about.

And since Call of Duty 1 the franchise was never afraid of any Battlefield... in fact the opposite.
Personally I like Battlefield more than COD but I don't think they are even close in popularity, COD has sold far more games than BF. Frankly this new BF looks disappointing to me, not so much because graphically it's not what I was hoping for (it's not) but because they are still focusing on that levolution crap, the set piece stuff that happens in every match and the users have little to no control over. I want to go back to more destruction in the play area caused by the players themselves. I know PC only gamers hate when someone says this but Bad Company 2 was by far the most fun I've ever had playing a BF game, you could take nearly everything down during the course of a match. I'd rather have those battle areas that are set outside of cities than constantly fighting in a bunch of sky scrapers that you can't do anything to other than maybe one pre set one that falls down after a certain amount of time.


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lol, Gamespot is REALLY trying to stir up some fanboy war like it's still the PS360-era.

Fuck off with that artificial bullshit.


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This feels like the PES/FIFA rivalry. Where every year we imagine PES is going to make a comeback and outsell FIFA. It never will, and BF will never outsell COD where we are now. The franchises are too heavily embedded. BF needs to focus n winning back its core audience first before having wild dreams of over throwing COD imo
Such a big disappointment in integrating Cold War crap into warzone. Modern warfare got desecrated by activisions decision to merge Cold War into warzone. If battlefield 6 turns out to be as good as BF4, obviously people will jump back into BF such as myself. I say this after having spent 1450 hours in BF4 on PS4 and 950hours into warzone on PS4

Actually Im more pissed that they took the lazy route and not create a new BR map for Cold War.
Simple, they go backwards and back to simplicity. Spring boarded by a remake of MW2 multiplayer. They won't, because they can't sell MTX but this is the box they've put themselves in.

They released MW2 Remaster last year. The franchise should keep going forward, not backwards for farts like us. Also IMO, Infinite Warefare to me was a much better game both story and gameplay wise than MW1. Problem is undecided mobs that cant make up their mind what they like or what they hate. IW was shit on for doubling down on futuristic setting and BF was praised. So then COD goes WW2 and is a dud....BF goes also for WW2 and its shit on. Now AGAIN COD is supposedly going WW2, zero fucks given by the mobs, but new modern/futuristic BF is praised......I mean they were shitting on IW that you flew into space from earth, but they dont have a problem with a guy doing a backflip out of a fighter jet, somehow has a bazooka on him, shoots another jet fighter and manages to fall back into the cockpit again...

Like I said, problem is the mobs. Because they are majority and the company wants more sales. If they actually listened less to fans we would of had a new trilogy of Infinite Warefare which to me was a great progression for the series especially after MW. I mean if they just kept going forward, I wouldnt mind that COD reached HALO levels of futurism. Natural progression of the franchise. WW2 has been saturated since early 2000s, now they come for one game and after already the interest dwindles. How many more times are we gonna do the Omaha beach and all that. Modern/future is better because you can actually make up new stories.


Cods always been a swallow shooter, made for people who can't aim without shit loads of aim assist. Only reason WZ is so popular, is because there's literally nothing else to play


This is the same as all the "COD is on the way down! No one cares about COD anymore, it's going to bomb" rubbish that people that dislike it spew every year. As always, COD will be the highest selling game on every console that it releases on for the next 12 months.


That's funny as both franchises went to shit. They can one up each other with each title...but as they seem to get worse with each release, this is hardly a measure of quality.
The truth right here . The bar had been set to so low , and Warzone is the only thing keeping COD alive because of the "BR" trend .


could never
I'm dropping warzone when BF6 hits. CW, and its integration sucked. Can't stand WW2 either so next cod will be skipped.

BF3 and 4 were my favourite shooters so to say I am excited for 6 is an understatement.


I hope cod stays popular, because it keeps all the children buying meta skins away from BF


Honestly CoD multiplayer has been garbage since Black Ops 4, and Warzone was a godsend. But even Warzone with Cold War integration was somewhat ruined and the continuous cheating.

Battlefield has also gone downhill after BF4, as someone who plays primarily shooters I hope both franchises get gud or someone else needs to step in.
isn't there a new COD every 6-8 months? Sounds like it has it's own battles to be look out for. Got to ask yourself whats with the lack of longevity with the COD games?

Meanwhile you got BF4 maxing out server capacity again like it's brand new almost 7 years deep.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Battlefield and Call of Duty. One brought giant-scale all-out warfare to the mainstream. The other brought the mainstream to first-person shooters. Call of Duty and Battlefield are both titans of the FPS genre, attached at the hip and endlessly pit against one another, and 2021 sees the two heavyweights going toe-to-toe again, with the launches of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 just a couple of weeks apart. Join us as we chart the storied battle Call of Duty and Battlefield as they wade through million-dollar lawsuits, high-profile terminations, last-minute developer changes and bug-riddled launches.
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