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GameSpot lay-offs 2014


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CBS Interactive gaming site makes significant staff cuts

Consumer gaming site GameSpot has undergone a significant round of layoffs, GamesIndustry.biz has learned.
The full extent of the cuts is not clear yet, but they extended beyond the editorial team. Representatives with GameSpot and parent company CBS had not returned requests for comment as of this writing.

[UPDATE]: A GameSpot representative acknowledged the cuts, saying, "GameSpot did some shifting of internal resources as part of our long-term content and user engagement strategy. A few positions were impacted."

Jason Schreier just posted on twitter that GameSpot laid off a bunch of people.

Confirmed to have been laid off:
Carolyn Petit

Tom Mc Shea

Justin Calvert
Maxwell McGee
Ryan Mac Donald
Benito Gonzalez

Confirmed to stay on:
Jess McDonell
Danny O'Dwyer
Justin Haywald
Chris Watters
Shaun Mcinnis
Kevin VanOrd



I wish the best for everyone. This sucks. Soon there won't be anywhere to turn for news. Everything is consolidating.


She was one of my favourite people on there besides O'Dwyer so this is really unfortunate.

Hope Carolyn lands on her feet and is off to a good job offer already!


I wish the best for everyone. This sucks. Soon there won't be anywhere to turn for news. Everything is consolidating.

Games press/journalism is a saturated field, at least in the professional sense. It's very difficult to make any kind of living following this path, and job security is a rarity indeed.

It makes sense for sites to lay off staff, given lower ad revenues and traffic numbers. It's awful for those who are separated, but it's tie nature of the business now.
Just a weird coincidence I think.

Didn't agree with what she said in the review but this sucks. Wonder what's going on.

I assume a coincidence as well, but what bothered me more than her comments in the review was how bone headed she was in her conversations with people on Twitter about her review. She felt she was right, passed her opinions off as fact, and wasn't willing to respect the opinions of others that disagreed with her. Everyone that disagreed was basically wrong...
As a gamer who has played numerous mass murders, it is very hard for me to feel much of anything for her. I'm sort of incapable of feeling feels.

In all seriousness though, I wish her the best. Good writer/reviewer. Ceratinly thought-provoking. Hopefully she lands somewhere.

The Mean

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I wonder how much of this came down from CBSi corporate to balance the numbers for the GiantBomb new hires. It's always a shame when people lose their job, especially right when new hires just came into the office (although not in the same "department").


If there's any causality with the Last of Us thing, then it's probably the other way around...

Hope this doesn't affect UK too badly. I know some good people there.


while i don't agree with some of petit's reviews, namely the last of us's angle that "people who kill aren't capable of love," it is sad to see people lose their jobs, especially a feminine voice in an androcentric industry.

The Mean

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I am curious to find out if it was mostly editorial, or engineering since they just finished a big round of site redesigns.


you speak so well
I disagreed with Carolyn's reviews pretty frequently but I still wish her the best and hope she gets another gig sometime soon.
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