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[GameSpot} Nintendo Switch 2: 11 Features We Want, From Backwards Compatibility To 3DS Support


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1. Halo Effect Joysticks (no risk of joystick drift) and a good D-pad and official larger/adult joycons released day one.
2. Switch BC and a serious commitment to personal digital license ownership.
Releasing digital purchasable versions of all great retro classics as a complement to Expansion Pack services. Nintendo should do this in order to be able to cash in instead of totally getting wrecked by Steam Deck 2, Xbox series emulation and all cheap retro handhelds etc.
3. Display tech: OLED (720-900p is enough) 60 and 120hz support.
4. Docked mode: 1080p output (upscales best to 4K which will be most common TV resolution in 2024). Also DLSS-support for internal upscaled 4K.
5. Storage: Upgradeable larger and faster SSD (2230 NVME size) and/or super fast MicroSD-support
6. Lightweight and very power efficient and support for modern Bluetooth headset tech with low latency
7. Free patches for Switch titles (Botw 4K@40 fps support)
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