Gamestop: No more PS2 trades starting April 1st

A lot of the ones near me already pulled most of their ps2 goods long ago.

And as others said, with the wii U out, and the 720 and ps4 coming, they need the room for those systems and games.
The locally owned game stores in my area closed in the past few years. Now I'll have to shop online for these old games... I wonder if online selling prices will rise now.
"This GameStop location" = all Gamestop locations?
I'd imagine its the start or continuation of the phase out. Start with smaller stores sending stuff to bigger then keep doing the same until only the biggest are left. Also somewhere along the line stop getting more stock.

That said, have these not been discless caseless for ages (going as far as the boxes & manuals being thrown out*, if you did trade with them).

*-The cases are better plastic than the modern eco cases yet its those gonig to landfill...Kind of says a lot about consumerism...
The store I worked at liquidated our stock two years ago. We'd still take them in on trade but ship them to the store in the mall down the street. Strip stores have pitiful wall/floor space.
For the past few months, stores have been asked to ship PS2 games to other locations. Those being of high PS2 traffic, aka the ghetto.

I think this news is less of "Hurry and trade in your games for .20 cents!" And more of, this is sad, the end of an era with the PS2.
Gamestop must have warehouses of PS2 games by now. It's been mentioned they go to stores that move them. Do you think Gamestop also has deals with other countries, supplying foreign chains with older games that are still the mainline consoles in those places?

I'm just curious as to how Gamestop capitalizes on buying the massive quantities of used product they take in.
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Welcome to next gen ! Time to buy a PS3 !

Launch PS3 full BC here :D
Mine died after just over 2 years, then got a BC refirb. About a year later the laser died so I replaced it myself, but then that system fully died about 2 years ago. In a way, I'm on my 4th PS3.


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guess that means I won't be able to find Raidou/SMT titles that were reprinted floating at Gamestop this summer. Damn. :/
I was going to trade mine in last week and was told they don't take them anymore.

Is this by location as to when they stop with April 1st being the deadline for all stores? Or was the gamestop clerk just misinformed?

My ps2 is in a box just taking up space. With eqoa and socom servers shut down, I really have no use for it.