Gamestop Survey for $99 All-you-can-play Summer Pass

So Gamestop sent me (and I assume other Power-up rewards members) a survey today, and about midway through, it starts to ask about how much money you spend in the Summer on games, before revealing something called the "Gamestop Summer Gaming Pass"

The pass would run from June to August, and would allow unlimited swapping of 1 game at a time at any Gamestop store, and whatever game you currently have out at the end of the window is yours to keep.

While this is more expensive than Gamefly, it does have the advantage of no shipping downtimes, allowing you to swap multiple games on the same day if you want. If I was still in school, or if Acheivements/Trophies still meant something to me, I could easily see myself doing this.
That's not too bad of a deal if there's a bunch of games during the summer you need to catch up on, it would be dependent on their stock of pre-owned games but it's a novel idea.
I could see how some people may like that idea. However, there simply are not enough games that I want to play or available time to play that would justify that price.
This type of gaming gluttony seems right up my alley to be honest.

And since I have my summers off from work this could be something to look into...

$99 though is probably too high a price considering my backlog of games I already own is high


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May run into the same issue Blockbuster did when it offered an unlimited gamepass - enough people in the area get it and then they won't have the game you want.

Although if you live in a city or near any malls, I suppose you'll have enough Gamestops to choose from.
More expensive than Gamefly/Xbox One Pass/PS Now and only for 3 months. We're not quite there yet but this is progress. They need to step up to keep up.
Assuming your last game is something in the 50 dollar range, you're spending like 50 bucks for 3 months of sub + a 50$ used game to keep at the end of it.

This will probably be fantastic for cheevo addicts, and something for college students or high schoolers whom have enough free time, but otherwise it doesn't seem terribly worth it.
Seems great for kids, but it seems Gamestop is entering the game renting business in a way with this decision.

Seems like a great way to capitalize on Summer break.
seems like a bad idea given the brief nature of the "pass" and the fact that most people spend more time in the summer outside doing things and going places than inside playing games.

Also fewer new releases during the summer.

Also you're beholden to finding those bigger new releases used.

Better off just using gamefly or buying a few games with lots of content to do and playing those all summer. (Zelda, Horizon, Nioh)
I am so so soooo sorry to all current gamestop employees....i can only imagine the system they will have in place to keep track. I really think it might be pen and paper
So they basically sell you a used game for $99?
At least from their perspective.
No, dude... the game is COMPLIMENTARY for being such a good little boy/girl and paying 100 dollars to rent games all summer.

Seriously, is GameFly not around anymore? That is at least year round and while you don't get to keep the game at the end of the summer, it also isn't as expensive as this is.


Sonic handles my blue balls
This is cheaper than summer camp, parents would definitely fork over $99 to lobotomize their out of school kids for three months.
Smart do do it for a less busy release season on their part so that people aren't doing this with a ton of new release games.

I suppose anyone who wants Shadow of War, has a lot of time over the summer months and a bunch of old games they want to buy/play over the summer months can make this deal work for them. Play those other games throughout, and finish off with Shadow of War, keeping that game at the end.
Not a terrible idea, but 3 months seems kinda short. I think it would be a solid value if it was 6 months.
$99 for three months is pretty expensive. Considering this is for preowned games and you can only have one at a time I wonder if this actually ends up saving that much to someone who isn't trying to race through every game
Make it $49 and maybe we can talk business.
They would never do this because they're letting you keep the last game you get...

Very interesting. I've never rented games before, be it from blockbuster or gamefly, but I could easily see people that do getting a lot of value out of this (assuming they're students or unemployed). I think it's a really clever and unique move by GameStop, pretty out of nowhere.
You have 3 months.

Gamestop is praying on those who don't switch their game at least 2 times. Esp if the customer is going to rent older titles.

If you're doing this, you should be renting newly released titles. Otherwise its just cheaper to buy the old games.
Looks like Gamefly is $16 a month for a 1 disc policy, which is $48 a year. If you factor in the value of keeping a game (HINT: Choose a Nintendo game cause that won't ever drop in value), and the convenience of not having to wait for shipping turnarounds, it looks like a good deal.

If I was at a place in my life where I had a ton of time in the summer, and didn't just buy everything day 1 cause I have disposable income, I'd totally do this. Gamestop usually has a good supply of recent releases cause they offer people trade-in bonuses for trading games in within weeks of their release
I'd rather just buy whatever games used. I don't go through that many so using ebay and B/S/T for $99 and keeping them would probably be a better proposition.

Plus first post and all that.
Achievement whores would be all over this. Reminds me of that transition period where Blockbuster tried to compete with Netflix and allowed you to rent unlimited video games a month. Every other day we'd be swapping shit and it was even better since I had 3 Blockbusters within 5 miles.

Only reason I would say this is better than Gamefly is simply because of selection and how many Gamestops a person living in a city would easily have access to. In Miami I've got 5 of them easily within 5 miles. I wish em luck.
3 months of Gamefly with 2 games at a time is $36, so this is almost 3x the cost. Availability is spotty with GF though, so if you place 3x the value on having the newest games day and date it can find a market with some people.
You have 3 months.

Gamestop is praying on those who don't switch their game at least 2 times. Esp if the customer is going to rent older titles.

If you're doing this, you should be renting newly released titles. Otherwise its just cheaper to buy the old games.
Yeah, if you have the time, clearing 3 games and keeping the 4th one is basically a steal overall. Like, if I did this, I'd smash through some big releases and keep an evergreen game at the end of the whole thing. I'd experience all those titles for far less than one should.