GameStop: "the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves"

Unlimited until Sony tells them to stop.

Probably just an indication that Sony is confident that they can produce a lot of systems by launch.


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Sure, its unlimited. You'll just wait until March 2014 to get yours because you'll be in the fourth shipment by now.
Or Sony is hitting its production targets. This is not 1990 any more they can crank these out much faster if the yields are good on the SOC. Which I bet they are.
That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
yeah, no doubt. also sounds like there is a possibility this will affect amazon preorders. if gamestop gets all the stock, what happens to the people (like me) that preordered the first day on amazon. if i have to wait because sony doesn't want to piss off gamestop, i will not be amused.
At what point could the PS4 have been in production? I mean, they had the basic SKUs running at E3, they could've been in production for months?
I guess Sony really is intent on that 10 million PS4s figure this year lol?
Didn't Microsoft say prior to 360 launch that historically the first system to reach 10 million units always lead the generation in sales? Seem to remember that from somewhere. Either way it is interesting to see so many preorders being allowed, but I hope it doesn't end up like the 360 launch where they didn't receive enough units to cover reserves.


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I really hope for an October launch now. If they can crank out units in high volume, then they should be able to launch early.
Going to be the software that holds them back. They will need every day they can for it. We saw the state of it at E3 for everyone. I am still expecting mid November launch.
Sony seems well on schedule for manufacturing, so they could produce a lot of units this year, forecast for how many will totally depend on the launch date though.
Weird, and hard to interpret.
I think it must mean Sony is either very confident in their production or the initial ramp up was successful and their parts suppliers are promising solid numbers. I'd guess the latter because Sony know as well as anyone that you can't be 100% sure about how well the manufacturing is going to go until you actually start it up. Certainly at E3 and in other interviews all Sony execs seemed very confidant that the PS4 manufacturing was looking very good beforehand at least.

Or else the initial production was ok but Sony is like, whatever if we overcommit to NA then EU slids a few weeks and Japan gets pushed back to March '14. ;)
Maybe sony doesnt want people who want to preorder get turned away just because the stores didnt get their allotment increased in time when they still have units. So for a short time they say unlimited but they will keep an eye on how many sell day by day and tell them to stop when they reach a certain amount or time frame. Good news
wow that's awesome news. I had an xbox one preordered, but I thought I missed out on the PS4 preorders at GS. I will be heading there after work to preorder.

I can't freaking wait for next gen!! These systems are going to be awesome.
I believe Sony's plan of first reveal on the 20th of Feb has really put them ahead. They've probably had the system designed and ready to go for some time now.

Couple that with MS's policy changes on DRM and I am almost certain Sony will be out the door first, with far more production.

If this happens, and momentum starts on the PS4, I don't see it swinging back any time soon. All they need to do is show some big games at gamescom and TGS and Sony is going to be on top of the industry with this platform.

GamesCOM is SUPER important for them. EU is their biggest market. If they win over the UK, the only stronghold left for MS is NA, and it doesn't look all that good for them here right now either.

If production is there, and the release date is good, Sony will dominate this gen. It's not like the previous gen where the PS3 offered more power and long term usability over the 360 so that it would catch up late gen. The platforms are extremely similar, there's no reason to be a multi platform owner other than the games. And if you launch at 500$ for 1-2 games, it's not looking good for MS.
Fucking gamestop, i was there tues morning after E3. the first day you guys took ps4 preorders. I was the first one at the store. I paid in full, I BETTER GET MY FUCKING PS4 on midnight launch day!

I'm going to be so pissed if i do not. Good thing i preorder at amazon too....
Feel bad for the people who are gonna get screwed and not get a console a launch because of late preorder. I am skeptical Gamestop stores will even get the initial allotment of consoles they are promising.