Gaming died with Shane Bettenhausen

Ninja Scooter said:
Lets be honest. None of us care about video games anymore. Shane's presence on theweekly 1up podcast was us living our child like exuberence for video gaming vicariously through him, and now that that is gone we have nothing. The passion is gone. A new prince of Persia? Wow thanks who gives a fuck? Need for Spped and Tony Hawks pro rider no thanks you. Lets just realize this now.
You can tell us what it is that you really miss.

His arms.

Rlan said:
I hear he works out.
Edit: Missed this. :lol
Can Shane's company translate and release Yakuza 3 in the west?

I was trying to hint at that in the "does Sega hate money" thread without name dropping Shane. But since this whole thread is about Shane I'll mention it here.

As for gaming, it does seem like fewer people post in the Listen Up and Co-op threads than the old 1upYours and 1upShow threads. Just an observation. I myself didn't start watching co-op until recently, and have since caught up on all the videos. Those guys are still doing good work and I just got done listening to this week's Listen Up, it's also still an entertaining podcast.

Is it just that people are watching/listening to these shows but not talking about them as much, has there been a real drop off in viewer numbers amonst the GAF audience or has there been no significant drop off and it's all in my head?
My vocabulary isn't large enough to describe what it is, but there's a certain charm to Shane's way of speaking that comes through even in transcribed dialogue or quotes that just emanates this hilarious...I don't know, vibe(?) whenever he over-endorses something. I'm even a bit surprised with myself and how my podcast-listening habits have died recently. I hate to say this, but the lack of Shane and Luke when confirming weekends makes me wax nostalgic :/


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MWS Natural said:
After the last couple of cutbacks Sony couldn't keep Shane on the payroll any longer.
This is why more people were posting in the 1up podcasts threads when Shane was on, he was a controversial character, I think people forget how many long drawn out arguments there was about his obvious like for Sony in many of the old 1up threads, not I that I cared.
Gaf going through trauma over a declining Sony + no weekly Shane doing the usual lip service for them,poor Gaf.:lol

Btw-has anyone ever noticed that with all the blackheads he has on his face he could pass for StarBucks twin brother? Bwahaha.:lol


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True. When Shane left 1up I was like, "Ahhhhh this isn't happening NOOOOOO there is no reason to go on WHAT AM I FIGHTING FORRRRRRRRRR?"

I ask myself the same question every morning when I struggle to get up.
DMeisterJ said:
Who is 'Shane' and why should I care?

I've always listened to IGN podcasts, and never really liked 1up (the site or podcasts).
He was the General of the Sony Defence Force before being let go, after which he was hired by a Private Military Company, which is ironically currently working for Microsoft (according to the last 1up podcast).


Shane Bettenhausen can walk and shoot

Shane Bettenhausen came to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and he's got a fresh supply of Hubba Bubba.

Shane Bettenhausen was born in Vault 101

Shane Bettenhausen has a 9 slot inventory

Shane Bettenhausen introduced Need for Speed to Facebook


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This is the guy who works at Ignition working on KOF XII
He is living my dream