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Gary Whitta : Bigger news than Xbox/Activision acquisition coming soon

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Jimmy Fallon What GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

edit: as you can see in the wikipedia page of forspoken he is one of the writers on the game. For people who keep on asking who he is.

His wiki page:

Anyway he could be trolling

He was trolling
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Ryu Kaiba

The moment a major earth shattering announcement is made there's always someone touting that there's an even bigger announcement imminent! This is how MS buying Sega was born. As if this isn't major enough. The only thing bigger would be MS buying Sony or Nintendo. I won't be surprised if nothing at all happens.
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The only thing I think that could be bigger is if someone else like Apple/Google/Tencent purchased Sony or Nintendo.

Otherwise I can not see this news being topped for the week atleast.

Probably a nothing tweet though.
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I mean.. honestly... there isn't much that could be bigger.

MS just bought the biggest company out there.

I do wonder if MS was forced into it because Sony is about to do something big.
Something like Sony buying GTA6 Exclusivity could have forced MS to buy Call of Duty.
Sony and Microsoft are gonna be huddled over trading multiplatform games like a couple of kids trading baseball cards.


I mean.. honestly... there isn't much that could be bigger.

MS just bought the biggest company out there.

Yeah, what could possibly be bigger? I can't even imagine a hypothetical acquisition that would be bigger than this one, short of one of the big three being acquired and that doesn't seem plausible. Like, even fanboy wet dream scenarios like Sony acquiring Square Enix or Microsoft buying Sega would be less significant than this, right? Would a Take Two acquisition even be bigger?

And, aside from acquisitions, what other news could be bigger? Certainly not a game announcement. Even new hardware would pale in comparison.

I'm assuming this is just hyperbole. If it isn't, I'm dumbfounded.
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