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Gearbox Could be Working on New Borderlands Game and Original IP


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Multiple job listings for Gearbox's international studios have been listed recently hinting at plans for the studio's future. One especially intriguing position for a Game Designer at Gearbox's Montreal studio states blankly that a new AAA IP is being made. This AAA IP will feature progression-focused loot and equipment, but also crafting. It may not be a Borderlands game, but it will be within the same wheelhouse.


While there are multiple listings referencing a new AAA IP, there are also multiple listings that could also be referring to a new Borderlands game being made at Gearbox. A Lead Mission Designer listing is for a AAA FPS game and asks explicitly for understanding of the Borderlands franchise and its mechanics. This project is likely separate from the new AAA IP referenced in other listings, though that isn't explicitly stated.


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after 3 and that tiny tina spin-off, i wouldve been content if they put the series to bed for awhile.

Not that they were terrible mind you, its just i could already feel the fatigue half-way into 3 from the overdone “streamer humor”

Hell, they couldve ended it on 2 and i’d be happy


Borderlands 3 sold over 15 million, so a fourth one was guaranteed.

I just hope they aren't making it look and play the same as the others, cause all these games looks virtually identical visually.


Am I the only one who wishes they would reboot the Brothers in Arms series? Those were some of my favorite games in my teenage years.


Not surprised. I enjoy the franchise a lot. 3 was very good besides the cringe writing and main villains. I really liked tiny tina wonderland as well.


Was hoping they'd make another Duke game, what with spending all that dosh on acquiring the IP. Shame.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Borderlands 3 worked the open world felt limited but the enemies, looting and story worked. Borderlands is about pretty good gunplay and graphics.
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