Gears of War Remaster Footage

Originally from Xbox One GameDVR clips. (Has been taken down since)

Recorded on GAMEDVR prior to 60 FPS update. From Feb builds (BETA/ALPHA?) IDK
Remaster (Xbone)

Original (360)

Also some dude has some running footage. (Spanish)
- Better Lighting
- Better Textures
- 60 FPS
- Smoke Effects
- Blood


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Man. I really want to play these games (replay in the case of Gears 1), but the art style and dude bro machismo just turn me off so much. I might deal with it and play'em anyways.
I don't think people should come away seeing this footage as a way to judge the graphics, might be an old build who knows? Think more as just another confirmation of this game existing.