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Gears of War Ultimate and Rare Replay both 15 dollars on Microsoft Store


I want RR digital but the $5 does make a difference. Do I wait for shipping or do I dare brave the mall.....


aka [CFD] El Capitan
Man you X1 guys are really dedicated to pushing this stuff. I hope you get at least a small kick back


aka [CFD] El Capitan
Dedicated at posting deals for games? How is that in any way related only to "X1 guys"?

I'm not really seeing individual threads every time a PC, PS4 or Wii U game is on sale. Its just general BF deals.

Hey guys did you see that the Microsoft Store is having a Black Friday deal!
Check it out!

Hey guys did you see the games that Microsoft is having on Black Friday!
You'd didn't?! Here's a list

Hey guys you might have seen these games in either of the Microsoft Store BF thread, or the Specific Games in the Title of the OT thread but just in case
you might have missed these two!

I just find it funny.


I regret buying a physical copy of Rare Replay, even with the discount I got. Especially with the 360 games in the collection, it's such a pain to dig out the disc each time I want to play something - with most games you have one disc for one game but here there's basically 8 different launchers tied to the one disc.
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