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GenDESIGN teasing Famito Ueda's next project via hire related tweet


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genDESIGN published a tweet showing a much larger version of the previously released screenshot of their next project in development. Now looks like a part of some derelict machinery.

The game is in full production due out hopefully sometime this decade.

From April 1st, two new graduate artists and one programmer have joined the group! Together with our fresh friends, we will create a valuable game that we can be proud of in the world! At genDESIGN, we are hiring new graduates and careers in 2023, so if you are interested, please apply!
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I’m fluent in Japanese and just translated it:

“Are you willing to spare the next 14 years of your life and can tolerate bi-yearly project restarts? Join us today!”
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Dr Bass

I love the previous games. I think anyone who has had a pet near and dear to them should play The Last Guardian. Man, what a game. And of course SotC and Ico.

Looking forward to seeing more of this.



Sci-fi elements? Looks in line with past games and aesthetically very cool.

Why the Sony copyright? Just for Ico and SOTC?
Every game on the picture except the new one was produced and developed while at sony, even The Last Guardian if that's what you are impliying.

Also, i can't wait.
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