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Geoff Keighley: Scorpio rumored to cost $499 (he's right, flawless victory)


Nov 23, 2010
500$ makes perfect sense for the product and what it can do...

That said, I have a very hard time believing its going to do well at that price point. I haven't seen Microsoft really answer a simple question: Who exactly is this product for?

Its clearly not for the average consumer who can't afford a 500$ upgraded system let alone a 4K TV to take advantage of it.

It's not for kids who will never be able to get their parents to buy a 500$ system over the much cheaper options for the holiday season.

It's clearly not for the tech enthusiast as they'd clearly rather buy a high end PC.

So is it just the diehard xbox fans then? That won't carry the sales alone and its setting themselves up for massive failure much like how Steam Machines were the past few years. Hardware alone doesn't sell a product and Microsofts other decisions such as not allowing Scorpio only games or putting first party titles on PC doesn't really help them.

Then you have to think about the next generation. We're already midway past this generations life-cycle introducing this system now brings into question if Microsoft hasn't made a huge mistake by diverting time, resources, and a lot of money into this systems development that would have been much better spent on the next generations system instead.

This also doesn't do anything to help Microsoft in the worldwide arena either. People are already talking about how much it'll cost in other regions which is something that Microsoft still isn't doing well in. It does well in USA thanks to the brand alone and the companies pedigree but outside of the states its sales have largely been lack luster.

I'd like to think that they could really have one hell of an exclusive to push on this thing but even if they do... It'll also be on PC with the first party XB1 games going to PC as well unless they decide to stop doing that now which also won't help them. It could be a third party exclusive (or timed exclusive like TR was in the past) but that would be a severely... odd decision to make when you look at how TR performed because of that decision on both XB1 and PS4, the blowback hurt that game a lot despite it being pretty great overall.

I just look at what Microsoft is doing and a lot of the decisions they've made just don't make sense to me. Closing studios, canceling multiple games that are far into production, completely giving up on the Japanese market and not at all courting Japanese developers, this isn't even talking about all the mistakes they started the generation with. I just don't understand what they are thinking and how they think they are going to be able to compete in this industry with moves like this. These decisions are like Sega during the Saturn era bad.

I'm not exactly a fan of Microsoft to begin with but I did buy a XB1 about a year after it came out and eventually sold it when they kept canceling every freaking game I was looking forward to and I thought that Scorpio could be really cool but while things like the Xbox Games pass thing sound intriguing they also seem desperate and its getting more and more obvious that the generation is already won by Sony and at this point Microsoft is trying to be like Nintendo and do their own thing now but the reason Nintendo generally succeeds with doing something different is that they have some really unique tech and great ideas and the IP and developers to back it up, Microsoft doesn't really have that. They've always been focused on the power of a system, not the uniqueness, the 'great ideas' they've had have backfired massively (Xb1 reveal, holy cow what a shit show that was), they have some strong IP but time and again they aren't using it well and the developers they've got are few and far between now since they've closed studios and canceled many projects already quite far into production.

I just don't understand why Microsoft does the things that it does, Nintendo and Sony I can understand even when I don't agree with the decisions at all but I still understand at the core why they are doing that but with Microsoft what they do just doesn't make sense to me. Yes the XB1 wasn't as powerful as the PS4 and they got mocked for that early on but Scropio is TOO powerful and its coming out way to late to make a difference at the price they want it for.

I guess we'll see if Microsoft has some secrets that they'll be showing off tonight for the system or games or something but justify this but right now I really question that price point and what Microsoft wants its position to be within the industry and I'm not sure they have a direct answer to that last question either.

Guys, I read this post so you don't have to.

My face is read from all the smacking.

This part here:
Yes the XB1 wasn't as powerful as the PS4 and they got mocked for that early on but Scropio is TOO powerful and its coming out way to late to make a difference at the price they want it for.

Is the highlight.


Aug 22, 2012
Im not convinced, PRO released LAST YEAR at $399. a little bigger APU on Scorpio shouldn't cost MS $100 more. No Vega, no Zen ..upclocked Jag with 40CU GPU.

Scorpio is gonna be $399, Im certain MS isnt dumb to release it at more than that.

Ask Matt, he thinks price is reasonable.


Mar 4, 2016
Microsoft have been hyping this thing as THE ultimate in home console specs. Just look at the Eurogamer article and all that jazz about creating software to optimize every nook and corner of the machine, how it's using an expensive water cooled system, how it's got gobs of RAM and how it has so many teraflops, you need TWO hands to count them!

It seems they got too caught up in the spec war that hurt the XB1 at the beginning and decided to crank it up to 11. This will definitely be $499 - I can't see MS eating up those kinds of losses.

I'll eat crow, but I can't see how a second place console maker (and maybe third, once the Switch picks up some steam) can make a come back based on specs alone.


Dec 29, 2013


If this is pretty slim, I'll replace my og down the road 😍


Feb 25, 2016
$399 would be ideal, Geoff's behaviour seems quite odd, I don't think he gave out the real price.

$499 did no favours for the Xbox One so hopefully we don't have a repeat of that for this console.


Aug 6, 2013
If it somehow ended up at $399 nobody would consider his credibility damaged. Clearly his info came from someone at MS and he would therefore be viewed as someone getting played, in a way everyone would be happy about. The scenario where his cred would evaporate would be something more akin to him hyping something specific up only for that thing to totally disappoint. If he is wrong, this would be the opposite scenario.

Speak for yourself.


Jul 15, 2013
The narrative was completely in MS' favor when it was rumored at $399. The narrative has now taken a complete 180 at $499. MS really needed the goodwill at this point, and they almost had it.
This isn't about narrative. The price for Scorpio was set when they finalized its specs. It would be stupid to take a loss selling an enthusiast's product in order to attract a more main stream audience. The Xbox One S is for that latter group.


May 27, 2013
"Xbox Two isn't just a mid-gen refresh, it's a whole new console that's compatible with all Xbox games"

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

"Xbox Two will release for $499"


"Wait a second, there seems to be a error on this slide."

*The 4 changes to a 3, to make the price $399*
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *People faint*
*Geoff tweets it was all according to keikaku*


See if this happens, I honestly don't understand the point of it or that it's better than just announcing the price. In fact, it seems more like it's running the risk of just being confusing and messing up the message all for a "gotcha" moment that the vast majority will not be in on...


May 11, 2010
Eh, wouldn't be shocked at that pricing. People are still going to buy it in decent numbers given it will be the most powerful console by a decent stretch.

$499 launch and $399 within 6~12 months. As always early buyers shafted, but I don't see MS wanting to take a loss on this given where they currently sit. Put it out at a break even/make a profit price, and try and get the manufacturing costs down within 6~12 months.

$399 at launch would indeed by ideal, though.


Oct 1, 2014
Xbox One sales hit a brick wall from the very start. After they lost March of 2014 ["Have you seen Titanfall?"] against Second Son, the pricedrop was inevitable. It arrived on June 2014 when they offered Kinect-less Xbox One for $399. By then, generation was lost.
If a 'brick wall' means selling millions in the market they care most about sure. Their numbers are telling them the same thing the rest of us know. They aren't trying to turn the tide anymore this generation. It's beyond that point for them


Jun 19, 2015
Brooklyn, NY
I keep hearing that it will be called Xbox One X. It makes more sense to call it X Box One X so there is symmetry and it spells out XBOX more properly.


Oct 12, 2016
See if this happens, I honestly don't understand the point of it or that it's better than just announcing the price. In fact, it seems more like it's running the risk of just being confusing and messing up the message all for a "gotcha" moment that the vast majority will not be in on...

Exactly, it's a professional conference for professional journalist, not some kiddy presentation.


Jun 21, 2016
Oh man, how embarrassing for MS will it be when Sony announces a $50 price drop in the Pro.

Fuck. Spencer is a terrible exec.


Jul 7, 2016
Yikes. This thing is gonna get crushed this holiday. Ps4 will probably be $200.

Crushed by PS4? Why do you compare it to ps4? At least compare it to ps4 pro. Its a Premium product. Microsoft never wanted to sell gangbusters with this. They want to Change the mindset. People should stop thinking that Xbox is "weak".


Mar 31, 2012
Why would Microsoft price a console at a loss to try and regain market share against a competitors premium console that is still being dramatically outsold by its cheaper version?


Oct 18, 2013
$399 is "ok" and acceptable, an upgrade they can market heavily and sell to the hardcore user.

$499 is lol no nope only Scorpio emoji twitter userss are buying this thing.


Sep 20, 2008
If they don't want it to sell, $499 is the best price for it.

The only way I can get behind a price like this is if they offer an Elite-style controller to go along with it or some kind of pack-in. Otherwise they're crazy.