Geoff Keighley Twitter Account Hacked? [Up: Mystery Revealed]

UPDATE: Keighley NOT hacked; teasing something. Still a Giraffe though.

Looks like Keighley got Giraffe'd.

Geoff Keighley ‏@geoffkeighley 8m
@supererogatory Hi superannuation! Just updating my linked in. …
Geoff Keighley ‏@geoffkeighley 43m
I love giraffes. (And it's just because Geoffrey the Giraffe spells his name with a G).
So much opportunity.... to "leak" a whole bunch of stuff about E3... and have people believe it is true. However they squander it by posting shit about giraffes.


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I don't get the implications of the giraffe'd thing. Is that the mark of some known twitter hijacker or something?