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Getting an Oculus rift for Christmas. Need game recommendations.


Jun 1, 2014
I'm getting a used Oculus rift cv1 for Christmas (only £150 so decided to jump in) and have a growing list of games I'm considering. I thought GAF could assist not only me, but anyone else here planning on getting into PC VR at Christmas.

My list is:

Definitely getting:
Half Life Alyx (obvs)
Beat Saber

Probably getting:

No man's sky (looks awesome in vr, but is it?)
Borderlands 2 (not played a Borderlands and this looks a great entry to the series.)
The climb
Tetris effect
This other one set in space fixing a space station (can't remember the name right now)

What am I missing? I'm open to all genres and experiences.

Also cheap stocking filler type game suggestions just to mess around with on the day. Maybe free and around £5?

Ok VRooooom ...
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We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
May 31, 2018
Leeds, UK
Probably getting:

Make that a hard definite.

Tetris Effect isn't "necessary" in VR but I really enjoyed playing it like that. Bear in mind the Game Pass version currently doesn't support VR but it will later apparently.


Sep 29, 2013
Star Trek Bridge Crew, Vader Immortal series, Sairento, I Expect you to Die and the latest Battle Sister are my favorite VR games, but I am not sure if you can buy Battle Sister on Rift.
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Jun 1, 2014
Thanks everyone, some good suggestions! I forgot about Asgard's wrath, it looks good but I'm kinda unsure about it for some reason. I'll add it to my long list though. Sairento looks cool, that's a new one for me and so on my radar now. Tempted by hellblade too.

Man, too many games and most of them are expensive! Virtual reality equals real poverty.

Any good YouTube channels for VR, the ones I've found aren't the slickest let's just say.


Jan 8, 2016
Boston, MA
Here's a plug for H3VR.

Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.

It's a gun simulation sandbox. Hundreds of guns from all eras - ARs to muzzle-loaders. Has intricate operation of them and, honestly, this game completely and absolutely ruined all other guns in VR games for me - it is that good.

The secret sauce in this game is that it does technically have like upwards of a dozen modes but the one that has gotten me to dump hundreds of hours into it is the rouguelike mode called Take and Hold. This is a full game in itself. You spawn, have access to a random firearm, and then have to take on enemies, hold control points , gain tokens to purchase randomized, better guns etc. You'll start with a lethargic bolt-action and end with an automatic rifle with a red-dot and a silencer among many other options. Hundreds of faithfully recreated firearms and they all act differently. I could seriously rave about this game for thousands of words.

Another plus is that the main dev, a super nice guy named Anton, religiously releases a video update almost every week about new stuff and is also just ... totally available on Discord to answer questions and hangout. Fantastic community there.

Downsides are that you will need to tinker with the controls to find something that works for you. It's a bit fiddly at first, but godammit is it worth it when you get it set up. Also: you kinda have to be into guns and have a basic understanding of shooting in real life. Not like gun-smith levels, but if you think you'd have trouble loading a magazine and chambering a bullet in a handgun in real life the learning curve might be a little steep (though rewarding!).

Super-fucking-absolutely recommend though.

(PS - it doesn't go on sale. Period. Always $20 and the dev has stated it never will. Don't "wait for a sale.")
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Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
Jan 30, 2010
Edit: thought you're getting an S and based my reply on that at first. Hope that CV1 kit comes with a mint condition cable and a 3rd sensor for full 360 VR. Also that your PC meets the USB requirements. Anyway, I'll need to update this list some time soon but here.
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners has a cool campaign full of great action & some resource scavenging.

Budget Cuts is a stealth puzzle adventure series with nicely integrated teleport mechanics.

Apex Construct is a sci fi immersing adventure game with archery action at its core.

Grapple Tournament is next gen PVP arena FPS with all the classic trappings redefined for VR.

Stormland is an open world shooter, more limited than it seems at first but still fun as hell.

The Room VR is a wonderful continuation of the famous puzzle adventure series, perfectly adapted to VR!

The Thrill of the Fight is a true boxing sim, if less fancy than the gamey Creed and its Rocky license.

Journey of the Gods is a Zelda-lite linear action adventure that's simple but polished and works really well.

Pistol Whip is the new kid on the rhythm game block, I love it like it’s a funky musical Virtua Cop-like.

Drop Dead is a fun riff on The House of the Dead, not nearly as tight but maybe the best of the genre in VR.

In Death is an archery based rogue-lite I spent many hours in early on despite the limited scope.

SUPERHOT VR is a puzzle action shooter with cool slow motion mechanics. Be like Neo!

Racket Fury is a very polished table tennis game, the realism is surreal at first despite the sci fi theme.

Catch & Release is a fishing game. Who doesn’t like fishing? I want Twilight Princess fishing in VR now.

Moss is a third person action adventure, you lead a sword wielding mouse as if in a diorama of a fairy tale.

Down the Rabbit Hole is yet another fairy tale adapted to VR, with its own twists, turns and unique style.

Asgard's Wrath is a made-for-VR action RPG with a Viking theme that many gamers enjoyed.

Space Junkies is a PVP zero gravity arena FPS, like Quake in space, great for some instant action.

Ultrawings is a flight game, not quite a sim, maybe a bit like pilot wings, goals and stuff to get through.

Windlands 2 is an action adventure with not-web-swinging and archery, it’s also co-op capable.

Vox Machinae is a PVP focused giant mech combat game with awesome interactive cockpits.

Raw Data is probably the best of the arena/wave shooters with different classes, progression & co-op.

Onward is my favorite “standard” FPS, PVP focused, some co-op & the best feel/controls for weapons/gadgets.

Contractors, Pavlov and other popular VR FPS games put their own twist to the military theme and style of play.

Lone Echo is a must play astronaut adventure, the free PVP Echo VR and its $10 Combat DLC rock too!

Red Matter is another sci fi adventure with a different spin than the above and great interactions.

Dash Dash World is a well made cute kart racing game with solo and multiplayer modes galore.

VTOL VR is a really cool light simulator of combat aircraft with amazing cockpits perfectly suited for VR.

Blade & Sorcery has the best physics based melee combat but doesn’t yet have progression etc.

V-Racer Hoverbike is a cool futuristic racer where you can lean to realistically control your jet moto thing.

Racket: Nx is a unique blend of skill puzzle and high score fueled shenanigans that's worth checking out.

Pixel Ripped is a duo of games with great nostalgic trips down gaming memory lane in special VR fashion.

There are many other great games, early access or otherwise. I like where Vengeful Rites is going as a VR RPG action adventure with sword wielding, spell casting, the works and there’s also the free-for-now A Township Tale alpha to try for some online rpging/surviving/crafting alongside social playgrounds like Rec Room, VRChat, even Bigscreen. STRIDE is shaping up to be a very compelling Mirror's Edge-like game that takes practice and skill while Crunch Element is a very promising co-op procedurally generated romp through destructible enemy compounds. VR even has visual novel style games and experiences like Altdeus: Beyond Chronos and Spice & Wolf. There are also ports of non-VR games or games that are both for VR and regular play. Titles like Skyrim VR, No Man’s Sky, DCS, Elite Dangerous, DiRT Rally 1 & 2, PayDay 2, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, Star Wars: Squadrons, Project Wingman, Phasmophobia, Rez Infinite and others were converted to (or launched with support for) VR very well! Some like Fallout 4 VR weren’t as successful however so some caution is necessary. Others have been converted by fan modifications, MotherVR is a great mod for Alien Isolation, without hand tracking, while the same creator is working on ReclaimerVR, a mod for Halo: The Master Chief Collection that will include that and another developer released an Outer Wilds mod with hand tracking that's pretty sweet. Quake VR is also pretty damn amazing while you can even play the classic Doom engine games and Doom 3 in VR. There's no shortage of great experiences to be had for every style of gamer.
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Jun 1, 2014
Edit: thought you're getting an S and based my reply on that at first. Hope that CV1 kit comes with a mint condition cable and a 3rd sensor for full 360 VR. Also that your PC meets the USB requirements. Anyway, I'll need to update this list some time soon but here.
Thanks for this super detailed reply, cc and thanks everyone else I haven't quoted. Been playing my rift for a week now and having an absolute blast. Only allowed myself to download half-life and superhot in Christmas though so spent a little time with them yesterday. Wow, is superhot awesome!

So far I've played Alyx, superhot, beat saber (amazing), outer wilds, Borderlands 2, flick bloxs, the lab, transpose, echo arena (really fancy getting good) and quite a few more free games. Had a great week.

So, anyone fancy making a VR community thread?
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Jan 8, 2018
Rec room it's free
Vrchat it's free

FPS games:


Budget cuts
Saints and sinners

Might be worth looking into vorpex to, it's software that allows you to play any 2d game in vr