GFWL Removed from Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on Steam

Jul 27, 2011
For all those holding off of games that had GFWL attached to them, another one has switched over, ITSP has just been patched to remove it and add in Steam achievements.

So, whats big left now to move away from the service? Besides the BIG one (Dark Souls) I can only think of Fuel thats been mentioned, and Capcom have talked about it but nothing seems to have moved recently. As much as I'd love them to sort Gears of War out and get it onto Steam, I can't see it happening.
Feb 23, 2007
I really want Dark Souls to move off GFWL, but I have a feeling it's not going to happen. I suspect multiplayer will simply stop working in it at that point and if you want multiplayer you'll have to move to Dark Souls 2. I hope I'm wrong but I'm not expecting much :(
Jun 7, 2004
Namco and From letting Dark Souls multiplayer die due to GFWL would be so insulting, especially after their shitty port was saved by someone that doesn't even work for either company. Not to mention how basically everyone on earth complained about the decision to use GFWL from day one.