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GhostWire: Tokyo is still a go (Tango GameWorks)


Apr 5, 2007
Greece, Thessaloniki
The game by Tango GameWorks (Shinji Mikami's dev studio) is progressing and moreover it is planned to be shown at E3 2020.

Be bound to remember that the director of GhostWire Tokyo, Ikumi Nakamura, resigned from Tango in September 2019, leaving the studio after nine years.
Feb 25, 2013
This is one of those games where the trailer is really nice and get's me interested. But since it's a new IP and they didn't show any gameplay, or even a premise, I'm gonna wait to get excited. Call me hopeful.

I do wonder what the parallel to DOOM Eternal is that Pete mentions. Wonder if it will be apparent after whatever they show at E3?
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