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A Look Back at 2016 in the Giant Bomb GAF Community Threads

man, where is the new content. someone tell Dan to Periscope some random shit.
So they're so badly lacking in content that now we're getting clip shows?
Is it weird that I think Game Tapes is a strange thing to have as premium content? It's a strange thing to argue but I feel that the crew watching and commentating over something is more suited as "free" content while anything that's (effectively) LPs is more suited as premium content. Which is why I am continually surprised at Project Beast for being 'free' content. It's great that they have some super strong free content to show to people to encourage more premium subscriptions but it's just how I've categorized their premium/free stuff to myself.
Beastcast, Hitman QL, Film & 40s, Playdate, UPF. That's a whole lot of content.
The lack of content lately has been really lame.
Going to be 100% honest with you guys here

I've never liked any of the convention stuff. PAX, E3, whatever else where they put out a bunch of content with a ton of people on it? Just too chaotic for me. It's pretty the one time where I barely watch any of their content.
PAX used to be great content but gets worse every year and there are too many of them.

Plus it kills content which is already slow to roll out.
Vinny lost his mind!

This is the best kind of quality content.
How much more content was there when Austin was there? 1-2 QLs a week in the middle of the fall release schedule is really light to me.
The content gods smile on us today.
For once there is actually a lot of GB content so we need something else to be snarky about. Don't blame us, blame GB
And what do we have to look forward to in 2017?
Where the fuck is the content?

Welcome to the twenty-sixth NeoGAF thread for GIANT BOMB.


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Gone, but never forgotten.
Blessed to not be quoted in the OP.
Brad doing Mile High Club really loses something without Jeff saying "You're dead." or going on about the death quotes in COD4.
You guys, I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything but when was the last time we got new content
in this thread
So I just finished The Last Guardian and now i'm crying over a videogame.

I wouldn't have thought I would be playing my GotY on the very last day of the year, but here we are. Sorry, Agent 47, second best is still good.

This game made me extremely emotional (both happy and sad) and at times it even was a bit painful. I think your mileage may vary if A) you don't care much for animals / don't have any pets and B) you don't like Team ICO's games.

The technical side of it definitely isn't great but I kinda forgot about it as I played on. Also, there was only 1 spot late game where I was actually annoyed at Trico's AI because it seems to kinda bug out. But overall, it was rather smooth.

This game, man.
2016 is in third place as the year with most content, first when it comes to run time.*

*There are probably some stuff that's incorrect here, some videos could be missing because I had some trouble extracting the run time from some videos, some duplicates could have slipped through and other random stuff I can't think of may have made this not entirely correct. But I think I got it pretty close if not perfect.
Edit: And then I remembered that the Bombcast is in video format now (padding the content).

As a person who didn't start following the community threads until May this year, I hope we continue the tradition of talking about content drought and that we continue/create a tradition of discussing Waypoint twitter/content in these GB threads in the year to come.
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