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I miss all the fan artwork from the old UPF set, hoping they get around to hanging some of that stuff back up someday. That drawing of Jeff always makes me laugh, and I always thought they were all legitimately cool and well-made pieces.

And since I'm here, might as well add an "I'll miss you, Drew" to the pile. Dude was always a really funny, down-to-earth guy who plays off the others' antics really well. I'll always fondly remember that he read my email on the second episode of Alt+F1 and that he and Danny seemed to get a chuckle out of the dumb half-joke I made. Metal Gear Scanlon was one of the site's recent high points for me, and just across the site in general I loved seeing the friendship between Drew and Dan take form over the weeks and months, one of my favorite parts about Dan joining the crew. I dunno if Drew reads this thread, but if you do, good luck with everything, man! I'm sure you'll do great with whatever comes next.

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I fucking adored Mass Effect during college, but I felt so done with the series after 3. Andromeda has really failed to excite me so far, I wonder if the Unfinished will finally spark something.
Andromeda falls squarely in "I'm apathetic about this but would totally buy it if it came to Nintendo Swit-oh its not coming to the Switch back to apathetic"