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  • Giant Bomb Homepage - If somehow you found this thread before you found Giant Bomb, you really should go here instead. Otherwise none of this will make a lick of sense.
  • Live Show Page - The official page for all live content, chat, polls, and the amazing hype meter
  • Managed Livestream Page - If you missed the show live, here's the link to watch the latest livestream before the archive goes up on the site. Only works for GBwest streams, and only for a limited amount of time.
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Free Video Series:
  • Quick Look - The guys jump into a new release and give it a whirl for about 40 minutes or so. Unedited, no bullshit - your Giant Bomb meat 'n' potatoes.
  • Unfinished - Basically Quick Looks of unreleased games. It can be games in Early Access, or other forms of pre-release builds of games.
  • Ranking of Fighters - Jeff and Jason play different fighting games and rank them in a VERY SCIENTIFIC WAY. Right now Asuka 120% Special Burning Fest. is the best fighting game of all time.
  • The Old Games Show - The old games are the best games.
  • Giant Bomb Mailbag - The crew opens mailbags from the community. Don't just send them your trash, put some effort into it!
  • Kerbal: Project B.E.A.S.T - Vinny is going to land a Kerbal on the mun, even if that Kerbal has to climb a tower of corpses to do so.
  • Best of Giant Bomb - TurboMan/xpantherx brings his fantastic "Best Of" Giant Bomb videos to the site that inspires them.
  • Game Tapes Raw - A massive archival project to save old video game press footage in high quality format. A free addendum to the premium Game Tapes series.
  • Betting the FarmVille - How low will these interns stoop to best each other at The World's Most Popular Facebook Game?
  • Bombin' the AM - Alex and Patrick discuss recent news and talking points in this pretty fucking cool morning show. Available in video and audio form.
  • Extra Life - The duders play video games and raise money, FOR THE KIDS!
  • Events - Are you into events? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!
  • Worth Playing - Patrick tastes some under-the-radar games you probably aren't aware of. Browser games, free downloads, alphas, betas, demos and more get tried out here.
  • VRodeo - The Giant Bomb team punches deck and enters the gridspace to bring you the finest virtual reality round-ups this side of the Pecos, pardner.
  • Matthew Rorie Streams WoW - Not an official Giant Bomb series, Rorie has been streaming a World of Warcraft retrospective on his YouTube channel.
  • Spelunkin' With Scoops - It's just Patrick and a simple cave, who will come out the victor?

Premium Video Series:
  • Unprofessional Friday - Premium member exclusive show. Just 2 hours of whatever nonsense the crew feel like showing off. Giant Bomb at its most chaotic.
  • Demo Derby - The past and the present collide as Giant Bomb digs into the dark world of old demo discs.
  • Metal Gear Scanlon - Drew is on a mission to play through all numbered MGS games as he has never played them before. Local MGS nut Dan Ryckert tries to help/troll Drew throughout the playthrough.
  • VinnyVania - Vinny is playing through every console 2D Castlevania game, and maybe some more?
  • Breaking Brad - Brad plays particularly difficult games and challenges in games. Will he conquer it, or will it break him?
  • GBE Playdate - Vinny, Alex, Dan and Abby play 2-ish hours of a game, either as a one-off thing or as a series for one particular game.
  • Mario Party Party - The Gang play 50 fucking turns of every single numbered Mario Party game. NOBODY WINS.
  • Spookin' With Scoops - Patrick gets to grips with any and all horror games he can get his hands on - from understated psychological thrillers to brutal, gruesome nightmare-inducers - in this late-night live stream. Expect beers and panic.
  • Jar Time - Jeff answers questions from the community into a microphone.
  • Unplugged - The gang plays various DnD games, and Avalon.
  • Game Tapes - The GB Prime team watch old footage and comment over it. Sort of like E3, but all historical like.
  • This is the Run - Dan & Vinny either challenge each other or save each other in a once a try in an episode at a game from beginning to end.
  • Murder Island - The gang get together to do some murdering on an Island. NOBODY IS SAFE.
  • Blue Bombin - Alex kicks off his mega-journey to destroy Dr. Wily but will things get put on... ice before he even gets started?
  • Bring Your B-Game - We've all played those hidden gems...or straight trash. The BEAST crew will bring one game only to put it on the spotlight in an episode.
  • Beast in the East: Yakuza 0 - Join Dan, Alex & Vinny as they dive deep into the world of Yakuza. NANI?

Free Podcasts:
  • The Giant Bombcast - Up every Tuesday. Video game news and new releases mixed in with some wild off topic conversations.
  • The Giant Beastcast - Giant Bomb's second flagship podcast, with Vinny, Alex, Dan, Abby, Austin as regulars and JEFF SPEKTAKULAR in the rotating fifth chair.
  • Giant Bomb Presents - Previously Interview Dumptruck. It's the podcast feed where they can post whatever doesn't fit in the other podcasts. It's probably still gonna be mainly the GB crew interviewing a wide range of people from the industry and gaming community, and posting the mostly raw audio straight to the site.
  • Giant Bomb Gaming Minute - One minute news, reviews, and commentary produced for radio, Jeff puts these on the site in podcast format because why not?
  • Bombin' the A.M. With Scoops and the Wolf! - Alex and Patrick discuss recent news and talking points in this pretty fucking cool morning show. Available in video and audio form.

Premium Podcasts:
  • Danswers - Danny & Dan with a wide array of guests discuss and danswer the listeners' personal questions.
  • The Powerbombcast - Alex, Jeff, Dan, Giancarlo Varanini and guests discuss the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling.
  • Also available are ad-free versions of The Giant Bombcast and The Giant Beastcast for subscribers only.
  • Film & 40's - Join the duders as they watch a film and commentate. Bring on some 40's and strap yourself in.


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Gone, but never forgotten.
I got stuff to do so I'll join the conversation later. I'm glad they're playing PREY though, just yesterday we were talking about it in the OT! makes me real happy. Saving the archive for tomorrow.

e: Also, will be doing a list of what I think are the best moments in gaming of the year so far.
Man I want to wait to do another playthrough of BotW until after the 2nd DLC is out, but master mode sounds really fun. Hope we get a QL of it and some more premium Brad stream
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