GifCam - making Gifs just got super easy [v2 released]

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i dont think making gifs will get any easier than this. its a small and portable app. you just size the window to what you want to capture and hit record. you can choose between 5 colour reduction formats including 256 colours, 20 colouirs, grayscale or monochrome.

it does some trickery to keep the filesize down like adding greenscreen and drawing only the different pixels, and adding a delay if it detects an identical frame to the previous one.

editing mode is pretty simple but works really well, just scroll along and right click to delete and delay frames. for some quick and dirty gifs its ideal.

you can download it and optionally donate a couple of bucks to the creator here (Win XP/Vista/7/8 only)

similar app for OS X (thanks dalVlatko):

- When recording a video from website you can zoom out the browser page to capture a smaller gif size.
- When recording a video select high quality option that will generate a wider green screen area than a low quality and reduce gif size.
- The less color the gif has the less gif size you get try to balance the quality with the size.
- "Delete even frames” is your tool to delete half the frames and keep the animation (reasonable).
- clicking stop and then record will resume where you left off. to start fresh click new under the save drop down menu
- abload and minus are good image hosts for gifs, they come with 10mb and 15mb filesize limits
- before posting a GIF ask yourself "Is this a good gif?" if no, do not post. if yes, post. - TehGoatBurglar

with this app you can expect to make things like this:

but not this:

some potential features for a future update

A lot of ideas and works have to be done to improve GifCam, any suggestions are welcome, here are some features I’m planning to do for the next version:

Opening gif file for editing.
Adding text.
Resizing frames.
Drawing GreenScreen (“cinemagraphs” making only one part of the gif move).
Drawing colorful part (Making a colorful part of a grayscale gif ).
Adding more edit options (move/import/reverse frames..).
I get the feeling that this couldn't touch making a GIF from the actual file source, but I guess it's good for those who don't know or can't be bothered to do it any other way.


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Wow, just tested it out - fantabulous.... has some issues with higher framerates, but that's alright for what it is.
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