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Gina Haspel Thread

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I can't say that I approve of EviLore EviLore closing the previous thread, just because he didn't seem to approve of what was being discussed. That seems fairly close to ERA-level censorship, i.e. you have to think a certain way or you aren't welcome here. I thought Neogaf and EviLore were better than that.

Conspiracy theory or not, nothing being discussed violated the forums rules. There was no reason to close the thread.

The discussion itself had morphed into discussing how the CIA has handled the theory that she was killed or arrested, and not the actual death or arrest itself.

Personally, I think there's something fishy going on, particularly since Haspel herself hasn't been seen in several days (weeks?).

So, can we continue the discussion here or is this thread going to be closed as well? If you're going to close this thread, go ahead and delete my account along with it EviLore EviLore , if I wanted to be part of a forum that stifles discussion I'd just go post at ERA.
Not open for further replies.