GM of Nintendo Germany: We'll see Mario Kart 8 & Smash Bros. in Spring 2014

Apparently German news agency did an interview with Bernd Fakesch, the General Manager of Nintendo Germany yesterday seen here (via Player Essence).

Translated, he says:
Für nächstes Frühjahr sind außerdem mit Mario Kart8 und Super Smash Bros. zwei weitere große Lizenzspiele für unsere TV-Konsole angekündigt
“For next spring two more big license games are also announced for our TV console with Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.”
This corroborates with the earlier rumor here on GAF from a few months ago about Mario Kart 8, though the news about Smash is new. I'm surprised about Smash Bros. though, sounds pretty soon. Maybe we'll get a release date announcement in a January Nintendo Direct?
This doesn't really corroborate anything for Mario Kart 8, it's always been Spring as far as we know (and April was always the more likely). It does though for Super Smash Bros., though I'm still highly doubtful.

Next Nintendo Direct will be REALLY interesting.
If Nintendo wants the Wii u to have any kind of comeback, a spring release for both, would be a good idea.

That would mean Donkey Kong, Mario Kart 8, and Smash for Wii U this spring be a strong release schedule.
I can see Smash coming that soon. Namco is a pretty productive developer, and a lot of the foundation for this game was probably laid down by Brawl already. We'll see though.
Looks like a repeat of what happened in the US in 2008, with Brawl and MKWii close to each other.

It's a possibility, although Smash will need to speed up reveals soon unless they're keeping a lot hidden before launch.
I know at least 3-5 people waiting for Smash Bros. to release before they jump in to Wii U...sooo.....might as well launch it.

Wii U may never be a monstrous success, but they still need to get it to a certain level to justify the software's existence. I think Smash will do a good job of that -- but only if the online multiplayer is as truly flawless as it needs to be.
If this does happen (which I'm hoping), that would mean that they have something better than Smash planned for holiday 2014, which in my opinion could only be Zelda, Metroid, or Myamoto's new IP (depending on how awesome that one turns out to be).
Do we know of anything confirmed for Fall 2014? I gotta think if this rumor is true and Smash Bros. is moved up to Spring 2014, Nintendo's gotta have something up their sleeves for the important holiday season. Zelda U?
smash in spring wouldn't be too surprising. it was announced almost three years ago and work began in earnest about two years back. they also did the mario kart + smash combo before.

i kinda think it sets zelda up for year end 2014. should be a good year for the system if that's the case.
That sounds way too soon for Smash Bros.

I really hope it's not getting rushed out in an attempt to help reverse the disastrous state the Wii U is in.
I don't think this guy has any idea when Smash Bros. is coming out, at least not any more than others here do. Spring would be nice though, for sure. I'd love to be wrong.
DKTF in early 2014
MK8 in Spring
SB4 in early Summer
FExSMT in mid Summer
Bayonetta 2 in early Fall
Yoshi Yarn in early Winter
X and Zelda holiday 2014

a man can dream ;_;