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GmanLives: The Darkness Games - The Forgotten Duology


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

0:00 Opening Remarks
02:15 The Darkness - The Premise
05:49 The Darkness - The World & Presentation
07:55 The Darkness - The Shooting
11:00 The Darkness - The Controls
15:01 The Darkness - Powers
17:58 The Darkness - Wrap Up
18:45 The Darkness II - General Thoughts
23:50 The Darkness II - The Shooting & Combat
28:43 The Darkness II - The Bad
30:00 The Darkness II - Vendetta Mode
31:39 Closing Remarks

The original game is one of the best atmospheric games I've ever played.


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I stil haven't played the first one, really loved the 2nd, played it last year for the first time at 4K60 and it was lovely looking.
The first one was a great game.

That said, as a fan of the comics I don't think an FPS game really does the character and powers of the Darkness justice at all.
Recently I bought the 1st Darkness 360 version (5€!) due to nostalgia, and thankfully it’s backwards compatible with XSX, so great chance to replay it after so much time ago
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