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god damn this DOOM box art is bad



brooding big guy walking away from the bad times.

Like holy shit, I wasn't a fan of DOOM 3's cover art but most Id games, or rather Id IPs have some pretty good box art covers. Even Rage's box art wasn't that offensive to the eyes but...man, this kind of sucks.

I've seen fanart and photoshops better than whatever the fuck this is, goddamn Bethesda/Id.

I would hope, at least, that there would be a reversible cover or something cool for the CE but even the screaming Revenant isn't that...good.


What stands out instantly for me is the space marine + old gun combo. Looks out of place, but in a cool way.


He's even doing the whole "head tilted forward, eyes tilted up" thing in his visor. Be more clichéd, soldier.


lol you can even see Doom man's face in there

Like, you could simply bring the title text up, shrink it, shrink doom boom man and surround him with monsters.

BOOM, better cover.

do we really care this much about box art

people care about being spoiled by a release date announcement apparently

nothing is sacred


I'll get a digital copy anyway. But it's just awful. Looks like every other exosuit marine FPS game. DOOM has one of the most iconic covers in gaming. Kinda surprised they didn't go with an updated version of that.


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his shoulders being twice as wide as his waist is really fucked up imo. that's not okay.
"Hey Jerry we have this game with demons, gore, radical metal, and huge shotguns, whadda ya got for the cover art?"
"Guy walking towards the camera with a gun"
"Ship it"

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Shold've done a modern version of the original.


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Doesn't bother me but not nearly as awesome as this:

'Course, the modern gamer market would probably actually prefer the one they went with. The darker, more "mature" box art. Blah!
why would they not just do something like the OG art? it's a space marine shooting demons...it tells you everything you need to know about the game, who you play as, and it's fucking cool. how could they fuck this up


Yeap, it's terrible.

There's nothing about it that says DOOM. No demons, no hell.

Just another space marine in an exosuit holding a large gun and striding menacingly toward the camera.
Looks cool to me. Too many people are trying to take this game out constantly, why is that? It looks fucking sweet to me. It's box art, anyways? Who cares? You guys judge games by their cover?


Looks fine, but I would give him another weapon. I know double barrelled shotgun is iconic but I think it clashes with the sci-fi armour aesthetics. Give him a BFG or a plasma rifle plox. I think the font sucks though.

Shold've done a modern version of the original.

Yeah, they should, but wysiwyg.


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Lol @ all the Master Chief comments.

Doom did the generic green visor'ed space marine before some on here were born, apparently.
I figure the cover art is aimed at teenage boys. The cover is generic, but I can see it evoking ideas of "power fantasy", "angst", etc. I think the reality cover art design has less to do with art and more to do with marketing.


It must just be a statistical advertising thing where having a soldier guy just standing there is the thing that gamers respond to the most.


Marketing departments take the "cool dudes don't look at explosions" thing to heart.

Should have some demons on there. They're as important to Doom as Doom-guy ever was.
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