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God & Fate Revolution Paradox Import Thread

Chrono Helix

Jan 28, 2008
aka Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei Paradox (神様と運命革命パラドクス)

Has anyone else played this game? It was released January 24 with this game. It's a roguelike and a spiritual sequel to Zettai Hero Project (I didn't play that since I don't have a PSP). I finished the main storyline in about 30 hours and sunk another 20 in the postgame so far, here's my impressions of it.

The good:
The various factors that you can use to power your character (equipment, god modification tiles and grails)are fun to manipulate.
Nearly every world in the main storyline has a unique gimmick. I was most impressed by world 5, where each stage takes place
on a cube, and you're allowed to travel from side to side whenever you cross an edge.
Similarly, most of the boss fights that end each world place you in interesting circumstances.

The bad:
And some of the boss fights don't, they're just gear/level checks.
The quality of the graphics seems a minor step down from Disgaea 4, from the moment the main menu appeared.
There's lots of NPCs who only appear as silhouettes in cutscenes. I didn't like that, felt a bit cheap.
Storyline is pretty bad. Lots of stuff happen without much explanation, and some of it is pointless, like the end-of-chapter segments with
Ranael reporting to the demons
. Disgaea's end-of-chapter segments were at least amusing. On a related note, not much character development.
Some cheap deaths due to the UI. There's an enemy that will petrify you a few turns after you've been attacked. I didn't pick up on this because the petrification indicator wasn't easily visible when you're in an area where your vision is reduced.
Another example is there's no visual indication of an enemy's attack range, you have to memorize based on what the enemy is. In the postgame there are extremely powerful enemies that are
humanoid silhouettes that can be equipped with the same sort of equipment you can. They will always be significantly higher level than you, and engaging them is very dangerous since you can't reliably tell what their attack range is, unless you're able to identfy their equipment and the corresponding attacks.
There are also enemies which are almost palette swaps of other enemies, but possess wildly different characteristics. (Perhaps this is typical of roguelikes, I'm not too familiar with them)